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Fortnite Chapter 2, season 7 launch trailer revealed

It's an invasion.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic Games has finally revealed the trailer for Fortnite’s next season, Chapter Two, season seven, which will be titled Invasion.

In a trailer posted in the lead-up to the season’s launch later today, fans got a look at the weird phenomena taking place ahead of the arrival of a mothership from outer space.

As the trailer continues, we see the massive spaceship descend upon the Spire, swallowing it up before dropping a familiar character into the ocean.

The trailer confirms rumors that Fortnite is set to introduce content from the Rick and Morty animated universe during this season. Onboard a spaceship, we see Rick Sanchez standing behind the desk in a 2D-styled look that will likely be available to earn throughout the season’s battle pass.

There are other Easter eggs littered throughout the trailer, including one of Earth’s most well-known protectors, Superman, who can be seen in his Clark Kent persona sitting behind a desk in the trailer.

An alien invasion theme to the season shouldn’t come as a shock to fans. For the last few weeks, players have been noticing strange abductions during their time in the game. On top of that, there was a downed aircraft mission added to the game that also hinted at visitors from outer space.

Fortnite also revealed the contents of the battle pass alongside this trailer, which can give fans a better idea of what this new season is all about. You can check that out here.