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Rick and Morty collaboration teased for Fortnite’s newest season

He's Pickle Rick and he wants a victory royale.

Image via Epic Games

In the neverending list of crossover collaborations in Fortnite, it seems like Rick and Morty is up next.

In another teaser for the upcoming Chapter Two, season seven, Fortnite posted an image that features a recognizable robot from the Cartoon Network animated series. In the middle of the image below, you can see the Butter Robot from the show.

Fortnite’s new season has a decidedly extraterrestrial theme to it, if any of the teasers are anything to go by, so adding an interdimensional robot whose original purpose was to pass butter makes sense. But how it’ll be added to the game is anyone’s guess right now. It could be anything from a back bling to an NPC.

Over the years, Fortnite has collaborated with seemingly every possible company and IP that’s willing to share their creations, like Marvel, DC, the NFL, the NBA, and many, many more. Fortnite is basically turning into its own multiverse with characters from all sorts of franchises running around and flossing.

Now all that remains to be seen is if Fortnite will add a Pickle Rick skin, which will undoubtedly excite all of Ricky and Morty’s fan base. Well, maybe not everyone.

We’ll know more about the extent of the Rick and Morty collab tomorrow morning when the newest season goes live.