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Fortnite screenshot of the Save the World mode.
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If you’ve never played Fortnite or any other battle royale, you may have a hard time understanding what your teammates are talking about. You’ll eventually pick up all the Fortnite game jargon as you continue to play, but taking a quick look at them can give you a head start.


90s is a specialized building technique, considered one of the fastest methods of reaching a player who has a high-ground advantage. This is a rather advanced method of building and requires a certain level of practicing.

You need to place two walls, a floor, and a ramp which allow you to make 90-degree turns as you make your way up.


ADS is the shortened version of aim down sight. You can aim down the sights with almost all weapons in Fortnite by using your right mouse click. Using ADS will increase your accuracy.


Fortnite had its fair share of hackers during its early days, but it’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to run into cheaters these days. Aimbot is a popular cheat type in shooter games, and it’s also used to describe players with pinpoint accurate shots.

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Bad manners/BM

It’s hard to keep track of what’s being considered as “bad manners” on Fortnite since it heavily depends on the player. Bad-mannered actions simply refer to rubbing a good play in your opponents’ faces. The best example of this could be queueing up a dance emote after taking down someone. 

Bait, baited

Baiting refers to the action of tricking someone into doing what you were planning from the beginning. If you see a player absurdly trying to take the gunfight to close quarters and get you to follow them, they may be baiting you to a trap they’ve set somewhere.

Big pot

Big pot is a common term used to describe the Rare Shield Potion which grants players +50 shield upon consumption.


Box is a structure type that players build with four walls, a roof, and a floor. Building a box or boxing up is the first line of defense of any player against immense pressure.

Box fight

In some build fights, everyone involved may decide to start building boxes left and right. When all parties start building boxes, the fight turns into a box fight.


In addition to working on new collaborations, Epic Games also releases balance patches by adjusting the power levels of guns. If a gun’s overall strength increases by Epic’s changes, it means that it was buffed.

Build battle

While the kill feed instantly gets a new entry when two players spot each other on most shooter games, things can get messy in Fortnite. Most advanced players will start building a fort as soon as they see you, and you can easily get into a build battle with them by building your own structures to capture the height advantage.

Bunny hop

Bunny hopping is a special movement technique that allows players to move slightly faster than running.

Camper/Bush Camper

Campers are a common name given to players who stay in hiding for a long time until the opportunity to kill someone presents itself. Bush campers are a specialized Fortnite breed, who hide in huge green bushes. The main advantage of hiding in bushes while playing Fortnite is that you’ll be able to see what’s happening outside, but no one will be able to see you unless they step inside the bush.


Choking is usually used to describe players who lose a battle despite having the advantage. Dying to a player with a harvesting tool when you have a shotgun equipped can be a great example of this. Missing clear shots can also qualify as choking.


Clutching refers to coming out of a tense situation by performing above expectations. Winning a one-vs-two skirmish can qualify as clutching it out, or you can also land a super far clutch sniper shot. 


If you destroy a player’s roof and build your own or trap them with a roof in any setup, you get to cone them into a corner. You can then edit your roof to take them down.


Shooting players who are shielded up will cause you to hear cracking sounds. This means that your successful shots were enough to lower their shield. You can call out any player who you’ve landed a couple of shots to remove their shields as cracked and allow your teammates to focus on them.

Players without shields will go down noticeably faster than players with shields


Cranking is another popular term for busting out. It’s usually used when a player suddenly starts putting out an admirable performance. A common usage for it would be: “You started cranking up back-to-back no scope shots, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Fortnite screenshot of a helicopter
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Desert Eagle

The weapon Desert Eagle doesn’t exist in Fortnite, but it’s still used to describe Hand Cannon. Desert Eagle is quite a popular gun in Counter-Strike and Hand Cannon is pretty much a replica of it.

Dog house

Most houses with a nice garden in Fortnite usually have a dog house in their backyard. Some dog houses can contain chests while some quests may require you to take them down.

Double pump

Double pump used to be a quite powerful technique to take down enemies in Fortnite. Players would pick up two pump shotguns and would immediately switch to the second one after firing with the first shotgun. This was useful to remove the pump delay, but it was later nerfed and you’ll still need to wait for the pump delay after switching to the first shotgun you fired with.


In a duos, trios, or squads match, players will go down before getting eliminated. This gives their teammates a chance to revive them and you’ll get a notification for each enemy that goes down.

You can call anyone who fits the bill as downed or knocked, letting your team know that you have the advantage in the skirmish.


Dub is usually used for the letter W, which also stands for getting a win. Getting a dub means winning a game of Fortnite.

Fortnite image of a player hiding behind a wooden wall waiting to ambush.
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Each building piece you put out can be edited. Editing any structure type can allow you to put in windows and doors or change their shape entirely.


The Common and Rare tiers of the Burst Assault Rifle look exactly like a FAMAS. If you hear anyone asking you to give them one of your FAMAS, it means they just want a burst assault rifle.

First-shot accuracy

When you stand still and aim down sight (ADS), your next shot will have a pinpoint accuracy. This won’t apply to back-to-back shots even if you’re standing still, however, since there needs to be a slight delay.

Full send

Full send is the Fortnite definition of going all in in an aggressive manner.

Ghost peeking

Ghost peeking is another mechanic that was once trending in the Fortnite meta. Ghost peeking was usually done above walls that were only tall enough to cover half of a player’s body. Players would use crouch to hide behind them and then stand up briefly to land a couple of shots.

Goated on the Sticks

Goated on the Sticks is generally a console term that’s used for players who are excellent at using their controllers. Controllers come with two movement sticks, and if you’ve been putting out an exceptional performance as a controller player then you can also become goated on the sticks someday.

players dropping out of the battle bus in Fortnite
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Harry Pottered

During his earlier days, Harry Potter had to live under a staircase. If you aren’t very keen on building, the chances are you may also find yourself stuck under other players’ staircases while playing Fortnite.

When this happens, you’ll be Harry Pottered.

High ground

If you’re positioned higher than your opponent, you’ll have a high-ground advantage over them. You can have a high-ground advantage by building a fort higher than theirs or simply being on top of a mountain.

Hot drop

Some landing places will be more popular than others due to their placement on the map or the loot they offer.

If you’re looking to drop to any of the more popular points of interest, you’ll basically be hot-dropping.


The term lasered is used to describe the pinpoint shooting accuracy of a player. Players with a decent aim will try you laser you down by connecting multiple back-to-back shots, making it impossible for you to react.

LeBron’s house

Some houses in Fortnite have it nicer than others. The houses that have a basketball court attached to them are usually referred to as LeBron’s house since he’s a basketball player and he’d want to live in a house with a court to practice.

The most well-known of these houses is located in Retail Row, but any house that has a basketball court can be referred to as LeBron’s house.


Over the course of a Fortnite game, you’ll collect a decent number of weapons and healing items. These items will take their place in your arsenal on the bottom of your screen, and will form your loadout.

Low-ground warrior

While building is one of the core aspects of Fortnite, not all players will be able to pull it off. Players who just can’t get better at building after hours of practicing usually turn into low-ground warriors over time, a common term used to describe players who try to play Fortnite by only building basic structures or without building at all.

Jonesy jumping away from some rockets in Fortnite.
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While there are game modes where you can build without any requirements, you’ll need to harvest materials to build in normal Fortnite games. Mats is the shortened version of materials.


Healing items are a must-have to survive in Fortnite. Meds refer to any item that can increase your health. Remember that the term meds doesn’t include shields since shield doesn’t increase your green health bar.


There are more than a handful of shield items in Fortnite. The term minis is used to describe the smallest of them all, which increases a player’s shield by 25.

No scope

It’s mostly advised to use the scope of a sniper rifle to land accurate shots. Not doing so will mean that your shots will be less accurate but landing killing blows will still be possible. If you happen to take down any enemy without using the scope of your weapon, you’ll be no-scoping them.


OG’s dictionary meaning is original gangster. The term is usually used to show respect for players who have played since Fortnite‘s early days. It’s usually the rare skins that give it away, and some rare skins even make a comeback to the in-game shop with slight adjustments.

When this happens, the first version of the skin earns the OG title and becomes an indicator of how long a player has been playing Fortnite.


OP is the shortened version of overpowered. OP is generally an adjective used to describe weapons or in-game elements that are noticeably more powerful than their alternatives in Fortnite. OP weapons or items will always be highly demanded by players, and those who get their hands on them will have a better chance of winning a game on paper.


When you get knocked down by a single-pump shotgun shot, you’ll be one-pumped. It’s used to describe that all it took was a single-pump shotgun bullet to take out your remaining health points.


If you’re getting taken down by a single shot from any other weapon than a pump shotgun, it means you were one-shot. Most one-shots are the result of headshots from powerful weapons and may come as a surprise in most situations.

One-shot can also mean that a player has only one shot of hp left in their tank, meaning anyone who gets to tag them will pick them off. This can also be referred to as “one hit.”


Getting one-shot can feel terrible, but not if you’re the one with their fingers around the trigger. When you take out a player with a single bullet, you essentially one-tap them and cause them to get one shot. One-v-one

While you can always play it slowly to wait out the late game, you’ll need to take down another player to emerge victorious. Once it’s only you and a single enemy player battling it out, it’s called a one-on-one situation.


Phasing is a visual error that mostly occurs due to lag. If you see a player walking through a solid wall or a build, chances are they walked around it. If you or the enemy player lags out during this process, it may cause it to seem like they walked into a wall.


Ping usually has two meanings depending on the context. If a player claims that they pinged an enemy player, it means that they had marked someone through the in-game communication and marking system.

Ping can also refer to lagging out. Higher ping values indicate that your connection to the Fortnite servers is in bad shape and you may experience technical hiccups while playing the game.

POI/Point of Interest

Point of Interest or POI for short is used to describe the landmarks on the Fortnite map. If a place on the map has a name of its own, then it’s a point of interest.

Popping shields

An alternative way of saying that you took down an enemy’s shield is by saying that you popped their shield. A popped shield means that an enemy is out of shields, and the next shots will start reducing their health points.


The roof building part in Fortnite looks like a pyramid’s top edge. Roof pieces are commonly referred to as pyramids.


While no-scoping is something to be proud of, the real experts make excellent use of the quick-scoping technique to increase their accuracy.

Quick-scoping refers to aiming down sight with your weapon momentarily so you can trigger the first shot accurately. If you happen to land a kill while doing this, you get to quickly scope an enemy.


Rez or res is the shortened version of the word resurrect. Other players in your team will be able to resurrect you after you get knocked down in squad matches.

Rocket ride

Rocket Ride used to be the stunt to perform in the earlier days of Fortnite. Players would somehow jump onto RPG shots and fly toward the enemy buildings for a surprise attack.


Rotation can be used to describe most movements in Fortnite. The players that play together often will have certain rotations that they’ll memorize. These rotations can include loot routes and special places that they go to in a certain zone, or it can even be used to describe enemy movement. Rubber-banding


Rubber-banding usually happens when you have extremely high ping. Your characters will look like it’s moving forward but they’ll frequently get pushed back, which will cause a rubber-banding effect.

Fortnite's Loot Lake floating in the sky.
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Some game modes in Fortnite featured a Siphon mechanic that allowed players gain health and shield upon taking down an enemy. The siphon mechanic was later added into the competitive game modes of Fortnite as well and has become a stable piece of the game.

Spawn island

When you first join a game of Fortnite, you’ll find yourself on a peaceful island with other players. This is called the spawn island. It’s possible to go back to the spawn island after you jump out of the Battle Bus, but it’s almost never worth it.

Spray and pray

Though accuracy can mean a lot in shooter games, sometimes you’ll have to spray your weapon and pray that all of your bullets hit the enemy. When you start shooting with the only the thought of survival in your mind, you’ll be spraying and praying.

Stream sniper

Stream sniper is a commonly used term by players who also stream their gameplay on streaming platforms. Stream snipers are people who watch an individual’s stream to find them inside the game.

Stream snipers can use this unfair advantage to either take them down from an advantageous spot, or to offer them items.

Stretched resolution

Using smaller resolutions than your monitor’s native values will cause your game to be stretched. While the looks will certainly be worse than usual, the player models will become wider and it’ll be easier to shoot them.

It’s mostly personal preference, however, so you’ll need to try out whether if it makes aiming easier for you.


Some players will try harder than others to win at Fortnite. This extra effort to try hard may be too much that it may cause players to sweat. A sweat is a player who’s trying so hard to win, which necessarily isn’t a bad thing.


Tac is the shortened version of the Tactical Shotgun.


The term tagged is to describe players that you were able to shoot once or twice. Letting your teammates know about a player that you just tagged can allow them to focus on the injured enemy.

Taking a wall

Building fights tend to be quite intense. If you take down an enemy wall and replace it with a wall of your own, you’ll be taking a wall.


Thirsting or thirsty are generally used for players who try to finish off an enemy immediately after taking them down. While there’s nothing wrong with completely eliminating an enemy, you’ll be putting yourself at risk since their teammates can be close to them.

Being thirsty for getting a kill can be a double-edged sword.

Tommy Gun/Thompson

The Drum Gun is one of the more popular weapons in Fortnite. It looks quite similar to a gun in real life that’s usually referred to as Tommy Gun or Thompson. 

Tommy Gun and Thompson are usually used to refer to the Drum Gun in Fortnite.


Changing your name in Fortnite is easy. When a player decides to take up streaming, they may change their name to their Twitch address. Since typing the whole Twitch url would be too long and wouldn’t fit the name requirements, most players shorten as TTV.


Turtling is used when a player starts playing completely defensively. When a players turns down the aggression starts turtling, they may be trying to heal or revive a teammate.

Fortnite players running into tilted towers in OG
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While each Fortnite season comes with nerfs and buffs to the available weapons, they can also be temporarily removed from the game. When the weapons get taken out of the game, it means they were vaulted.

W-key warrior

Some players won’t know the definition of backing down. They’ll always push you to a corner and continue to pin you down by moving forward. On PC, the primary way to move forward is by pressing the W key—hence the name W-key warrior.


Yeet is an exclamation of excitement and surprise. It’s generally used to show that you appreciate something or to show your excitement about it.

There’s definitely a bunch of Fortnite game jargon to wrap your head around, but it should all make sense with time. Before you know it, you’ll be using Fortnite game jargon to describe your everyday life and confusing your family and friends.


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