Players can use fully customizable characters online in Street Fighter 6, with one catch

Get ready for some abominations to take the stage.

Screengrab via Capcom

Capcom is going heavy on single-player content in Street Fighter 6 but that doesn’t mean everything that you do offline is stuck offline.

As some fans predicted, the avatar characters you create for use in the World Tour mode and other areas of the game can actually compete in online battles, with a very Capcom-like twist.

In the 2023 title, your custom-created avatar is your link to the Street Fighter world, as it will be who you appear as in the Battle Hub and while traversing the World Tour.

You can train up your avatar in World Tour by completing objectives, getting into battles, and studying under the SF characters featured in the game. All of these options will unlock moves you can use, combining your favorites together to make a custom moveset that can match your playstyle or your character’s vibe.

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Avatars not only work as your custom character when entering the Battle Hub so you can interact with other players, but you can battle using your custom loadout in those lobbies too. This means all of the training you go through during your World Tour can actually be used in a somewhat competitive setting. 

This custom battle mode was hosted in the middle area of the Battle Hub and was not connected to a separate battle menu.

What this likely means is you can meet up with other players in a Battle Hub lobby and battle it out, but there won’t be any rank or real depth of systems outside of the fun you can have testing out your combinations learned from various Street Fighter characters.

Additional information about this type of battle will be available closer to launch, but for now, you can get to creating your avatar through the Street Fighter 6 demo, which is available now and allows you to carry over some saved data to the full game.

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