How to play Street Fighter 6 demo: What is it and how to access

Get your game on a little bit early.

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While it isn’t the open beta test I, and many other fighting game fans, were hoping for, Capcom has officially dropped a demo version of Street Fighter 6 players can access before the game launches in full this Summer.

It doesn’t include many of the features that made last year’s closed beta tests a great and competitive time for everyone who got in, but this is the first time everyone at home can get their hands on a slice of the latest Street Fighter title ahead of June 2.

The demo itself will feature a first glimpse of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode and carry over some saved data to the final game. But there are some key things missing that might disappoint people looking for more.

What is available in the Street Fighter 6 demo?

There are three key things available in the first publicly available demo for Street Fighter 6: an early look at World Tour mode, full Avatar Creation, and a bit of access to the Fighting Ground for local or offline play.

Essentially, anyone who downloads the demo will have full access to the game’s character creation system and can use it to mold their own street fighter that will be used in SF6’s various modes. They can even be used online, in certain instances. Save data for your newly created avatar will carry over to the full game when it launches in June, so you can spend as much time as you want now perfecting your look.

You can take that avatar into the World Tour for a taste of what Street Fighter’s most expansive single-player mode ever will offer. However, save data for this section will not carry over and it is only a small portion of the opening that is available.

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Fighting Ground, the game’s Versus mode, will also have some content available for anyone who wants to do some training or play around with the new systems. Unfortunately no Battle Hub or other online content will be accessible.

What platforms is the Street Fighter 6 demo available on?

Since Street Fighter 6 is launching across all major platforms, except for the Nintendo Switch, players will be able to try out the demo on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. 

The demo is launching first on PS4 and PS5, with it going live on April 20 immediately after the April showcase. It will launch on PC and Xbox on April 26 with all of the same content shared across every system. 

How can I access the Street Fighter 6 demo?

If you want to download the Street Fighter 6 demo, all you need to do is search your console storefront or Steam for the client once it is live. 

There are no limitations for this demo, which means anyone can download it and play it as much as they want before SF6 launches on June 2. It isn’t like the closed beta where you had to get a code or have your account approved for access to play the available modes.

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