Nintendo will cease adding new Spirit events, special tournaments to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nov. 19

The Ultimate Smash experience really is coming to an end.

Image via Nintendo

Another aspect of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to be coming to an end as Nintendo confirms that the in-game events, such as new Spirit Board and themed tournaments will begin being re-used starting next week. 

According to the official Smash Bros. Japan Twitter account, starting on Nov. 19, Nintendo will begin recycling older Spirit and tournament events instead of creating new content for Ultimate

Many fans predicted that this would likely happen relatively soon after Sora’s release last month, which marked the end of the Fighters Pass DLC and substantial development work on Ultimate. This just means that it is highly likely that no new content will be added to Ultimate beyond this point barring any new announcements from Nintendo, especially as series creator Masahiro Sakurai has already stepped away from the game. 

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The final new tournament will run for three days starting on Nov. 12, with a focus on stages that have players fighting on moving vehicles, such as Mute City SNES, Spirit Train, and Pilotwings. 

With this news, it is still unclear if Nintendo will cease working on Ultimate entirely with future balance updates, which could have a serious impact on the online player base and the competitive scene for the game should the 13.0 update that introduced Sora be the final version of the game.