MultiVersus teases Arcade mode, ranked play, and new cosmetics in Season One snapshot

Season One's content, previewed.

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MultiVersus, Warner Bros. crossover platform fighter, released its season one snapshot on Twitter, previewing some of the new features soon coming to the game. Though offering sparse details, the preview promised the inclusion of Arcade and ranked game modes, new characters, and a plethora of cosmetics.

Though in its beta phase, MultiVersus has quickly amassed a significant following and had one of the most successful releases in fighting game history. Currently only offering a small window into the game’s prospective content, Warner Bros. gave players the first look into what season one will bring.

Season one will introduce two new game modes for players. First, ranked will finally enter the picture after being locked for the entirety of the beta, allowing players to finally square off in skill-based match making. Second, MultiVersus is bringing a new mode dubbed Classic Arcade, though it is currently unclear what this new mode will entail.

The platform fighter’s season one preview also promises new cosmetics in the way of player icons, banners, and costume variants. Notably, the variants snapshot includes alternate costumes for LeBron James and Bugs Bunny.

The platform fighter’s snapshot also included the known releases of Rick and Morty as separate playable characters. Promising an ever-expanding roster of characters, with many of those characters already leaked, players can likely expect more characters to be released throughout MultiVersus’ first season.

Though MultiVersus has previewed a great deal of its coming content, season one was recently delayed with no set start date yet confirmed. Though players may have to wait some time before accessing anything from the quickly growing game’s first season, fans still have much to look forward to.