MultiVersus delays launch of season one content and Morty

Fans will have to wait a little longer for the next content update.

Rick and Morty posing
Image via Player First Games

The beta of MultiVersus was released just last week and players were looking forward to the season one content that was scheduled to drop on Aug. 9, which included a new character, Morty. But now, that update has been delayed.

At this time, fans are playing the preseason battle pass, which was scheduled to run through Aug. 8. The season one battle pass was scheduled to begin on Aug. 9, with a more packed battle pass that costs more currency to buy, but it seems that update will be delayed. The premium season one battle pass will likely sell for 950 Gleamium instead of the cheaper premium preseason battle pass cost of 300 Gleamium.

No date was given for when the season one battle pass will come to the game, only that the devs will share more news about timing as soon as they can. The current preseason battle pass will now extend until Aug. 15. There has been no confirmation that anything will take its place after that date.

Morty, the new character that was supposed to come to the game from the Rick and Morty TV show, is also a part of the delays. Originally, Morty was supposed to join the cast of characters ahead of Rick, who was unveiled as a new playable character coming to the game at San Diego Comic-Con along with Morty and LeBron James. It is possible that Rick will now come to the game alongside Morty due to the delay, but nothing about Rick’s timing has been revealed either.

Although the delay of the content comes as a disappointment to many fans, the game is still fairly new and there are plenty of characters to master before the next content update drops. Those who enjoy the esports side of MultiVersus can watch top competitors play the game at Evo 2022 while they wait for the season one battle pass to cook just a little bit longer.