MultiVersus already most played PC fighting game before leaving early access

That's a lot of ringouts

Image via Warner Bros.

Despite skepticism about MultiVersus‘s release and free-to-play format, Player First Games’ creation has already become the most played PC fighting game even though it’s still in early access.

According to EventHubs, a fighting game website, MultiVersus has a concurrent player base of 38,872 players and a peak of 61,864. The website then compared this information to other popular fighting games like Street Fighter 6, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and Brawhalla. The only one that comes close to MultiVersus‘s peak is Dragon Ball Fighter Z with 44,234 players.

The combined total average for the 13 other games over the last month that EventHubs researched only equals 28,902 players, which is 10,000 fewer than MultiVersus has had in its first week of semi-open access. With the public beta for the game set to start tomorrow, July 26, the player count is sure to skyrocket.

Part of the appeal that will draw more players into the game is the recent announcements of new characters that are coming to the game. Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, and LeBron James have all been confirmed for MultiVersus sometime in the next month or so. More characters have been found in the files, pointing to even more popular characters like Gandalf coming to the game.

Player First began giving out codes via Twitch Drops on July 19 for MultiVersus, which has proven to be a lot of fun for many players who have missed something fresh in the fighting game genre. Time will tell if MultiVersus can maintain this player count and set new records for the reach of fighting games.