Is MultiVersus down? How to check MultiVersus’ server status

The fight might be cartoony, but it is still impacted by real problems sometimes.

Image via Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus is officially in Open Beta, which means anyone can download the free-to-play platform fighter on compatible platforms. But because of that accessibility, the game is more likely to experience connection issues when a large number of players are active. 

Even during the game’s Early Access period, it surpassed 60,000 active concurrent players on Steam, not to mention the number of people joining in on the action on PlayStation and Xbox. 

This led to some early connectivity issues like the infamous “Syncing Account State” error that kept players from even logging into the game for an extended period of time. And because MultiVersus is functioning as a live-service title, outside of its offline local mode, there are likely to be several problems popping up from time to time, so here are some ways you can check the game’s server status. 

Is MultiVersus down? How to check MultiVersus’ server status

Just like with most online-centric games, if you can’t connect to a server you can likely check official MultiVersus social media or WB Games Support to see if an outage is causing major issues. In this case, you can also check Player First Games co-founder Tony Huynh’s Twitter since he is very active in documenting bugs and concerns for the game. 

If no issues are being talked about on any of those channels, the issue might actually be on your end. 

First, you should check your internet connection and make sure there isn’t anything disrupting the signal or input. Don’t worry about uninstalling the game, as it likely won’t be a problem with the files, especially if the issue is affecting console players too. 

Should the issues persist, simply close out of MultiVersus on your platform of choice and try to relaunch the game. If you still can’t log in, do the same thing but manually check and see if an update is available to download, as you will need the latest version of the game installed to access any of its online features in the first place. You can also try restarting your console to check for updates. 

If none of these methods help you resolve the connection issues, it is likely something affecting the servers of the game and you will just have to wait for more information to be shared. You can also report the problem or view existing issues on the official MultiVersus website.