Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 details coming on May 25

New characters? Crossplay updates? What could Arc System Works be planning for Strive's one-year anniversary?

Image via ArcSystemWorks

The wait for news about Guilty Gear Strive’s second season of DLC content is almost over, with Arc System Works confirming a new livestream will air on May 25 that will feature the latest information from the development team.

This will be the first new details about Season Two’s content since it was originally announced at the Arc Revo America 2021 Finals in March, where Testament was revealed as the final Season One DLC fighter. 

At the time, ArcSys confirmed players would be getting access to four new playable characters as part of Season Pass Two, along with additional stages, character colors, and balance adjustments.

Along with that news, the developers also confirmed GGST would be receiving a massive multiplayer update that would add crossplay between PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC (via Steam) versions of the game. This update will make it one of the first major fighting games to add full crossplay while also having rollback netcode available, which should keep the community thriving for years to come. 

The stream, which will be hosted live at 6am CT on May 25, will help usher in the game’s one-year anniversary with exhibition matches, updates on new content, and discussions with the developers. It is currently unknown what exactly will be revealed or discussed, but it is very likely the next DLC fighter and some updates about crossplay will be shared. 

GGST originally launched on June 11, 2021, though it is likely ArcSys is hosting the anniversary stream early so the developers can release some content closer to the actual anniversary and not detract from the launch of its upcoming game, Dungeon & Fighter Duel (DNF Duel) on June 28.