Falke joins Street Fighter V on April 24

Season three's third character will be releasing soon.

Image via Capcom

The next season three DLC character, Falke, will be joining the Street Fighter V roster on April 24.

Her release was originally teased on April 16 when a Capcom employee posted a blog on the Capcom Unity website before Capcom’s official reveal. Falke has a unique ability to infuse Psycho Power into objects, mainly through her staff, to use in battle, according to the leak.

Falke is a brand new character making her debut in Street Fighter V. She’s the third character to join the game from the third season pass, after Blanka’s release in February and Sakura in January.

In the game’s lore, she was built as an alternative clone for M. Bison, one of Street Fighter’s main villains, and was heavily experimented on by Shadaloo to achieve perfection. After years of harsh training, Ed came to her rescues when they both escaped the organization.

Falke will launch with two different costumes when players purchase her from the Steam or PlayStation store. This includes Falke’s Story Costume and her battle costume.

All six season three characters were originally revealed at the finals of the 2017 Capcom Cup in December.

Falke can be bought with in-game currency, or for $5.99. Those looking to get Falke, Blanka, Sakura and the three future DLC characters—G, Sagat, and Cody—can purchase the season three character pass for $29.99 on Steam or the PlayStation store.