Blanka joins Street Fighter V on Feb. 20

Season three is up and running.

Image via Capcom

Blanka will finally be joining the Street Fighter V roster on Feb. 20, as a DLC character.

Blanka is a member of the original Street Fighter cast and has been part of nearly every Street Fighter game in the past two decades. He was a big exclusion from the original Street Fighter V roster when the game was released two year ago.

Blanka will launch with three costumes. These three costumes will include his classic Street Fighter look, a battle costume, and a weird looking plush toy-like costume.

Unlike Sakura’s inclusion in the game, however, Blanka will not be getting his own fighting stage.

Blanka was confirmed to be coming to the game a few months ago at the finals of the Capcom Cup alongside the entire season three cast.

Blanka can be bought with in-game currency, or for $5.99. Players can also buy the season three character pass, which includes Blanka, Sakura, and future characters G, Falke, Sagat, and Cody for $29.99.