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All Power Armor locations in Fallout 4

Power up.

For all the controversial changes Fallout 4 made to the series’ established formula, the facelift it gave power armor was not among them. It was turned from just another outfit to what felt like a walking tank, but it’s been made rarer to compensate.

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If you feel like starting your own hoard of power armor or you simply want to get a mechanized leg up on your enemies, look no further than this comprehensive guide to every power armor location in the game.

Where to find Power Armor in Fallout 4

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Listed below is every static power armor spawn in Fallout 4. This doesn’t include power armor worn by enemies or sold by vendors, exclusively covering power armor waiting in the world for you to go pick it up.

While this list covers every power armor spawn in the base game and its two expansions, it does not address Creation Club content like the Hellfire Power Armor, which often comes from their own quests and does not spawn naturally in the world. In addition, the specific armor varies based on your level, with the exception of the unique spawns in Nuka-World and Far Harbor. That means any of these pickups can vary from the basic Raider power armor all the way to the immensely powerful X-01, so it may be worth saving a few of these for later levels.

LocationHow to get
01Abandoned ShackEnter the Federal Surveillance Center in the shack’s basement, then look under the stairs.
02Neponset ParkSubmerged in the water under the freeway. Look for the helmet poking out!
03West Roxbury military checkpointNext to the APC, likely left over from the war.
04Fort StrongOn the mainland side of the bridge, inside the guard post.
05The DigDuring The Big Dig, use Sonya the eyebot to destroy the fragile wall in the room with the fusion core. This is not the wall that leads to the subway, as going that way will advance the quest.
06Mass Pike InterchangeNear the Gunner outpost on the top level. Be careful, as the Gunners can hop into the power armor themselves.
07South Zone 3 military checkpointNext to the APC, semi-obscured by shipping containers.
08National Guard training yardInside a side room in the Armory that’s locked with a terminal. Level up your Hacker perk or bring Nick Valentine along.
09Poseidon Energy Turbine 18-FNear the APCs to the northeast, inside the plane wreckage.
10Robotics Disposal GroundInside the crashed vertibird to the southeast.
11Covenant LakeAt the very bottom of the lake, next to the crashed vertibird. Good luck getting it out.
12Fort Hagen townshipInside the power armor warehouse at the southern end of town.
13Murkwater construction siteNext to the crashed vertibird, thankfully not submerged.
14Nahant Sheriff’s DepartmentOn the nearby unloading barge, inside the open blue shipping container.
15National Guard Training YardInside the open trailer in the military convoy on the road.
16Fiddler’s Green Trailer EstatesInside the small, orange-striped trailer.
17LexingtonBeing transported inside a locked cage on a train to the west of town.
18Cambridge outskirts military checkpointInside another cage, northwest of the map location.
19Tenpines BluffNortheast of the map location, inside a crashed train at the bottom of a cliff.
20Lake CochituateSitting near the edge of the Glowing Sea amidst a ruined military convoy.
21Morton residence (Nuka-World)Conveniently already inside the power armor station in the garage.
22Safari Adventure (Nuka-World)Inside a shed in the parking lot, opposite the door.
2335 CourtInside a locked room on the roof guarded by an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot. Retrieve at your own risk!
24South Boston Military CheckpointInside a locked cage. Bring plenty of bobby pins or have Cait tag along.
25East Boston Police StationIn a cage on the nearby barge, surrounded by APCs.
26Corvega Assembly PlantInside a crashed vertibird on a highway south of the assembly plant itself.
27Atom Cats GarageIn the back of the main garage. This suit of power armor technically belongs to the Atom Cats, so you’ll have to either distract them by leading enemies to the location or kill them all yourself. It does have a unique paint job, though, so mass murder might be worth it.
28Glowing Sea CaveUnguarded inside the cave’s tunnels.
29Mass Bay Medical CenterOn the upper levels of the hospital, inside the radiology ward.
30Museum of FreedomOn the roof, next to the crashed vertibird. You’ll likely pick up this suit of power armor as part of the main story if you choose to save Preston Garvey and the Minutemen.
31The PrydwenSeveral suits inside the ship’s power armor bay. Taking these will also count as stealing, but stealing technology is sort of the Brotherhood of Steel’s whole thing, so isn’t it just revenge?
32Vim! Pop factory (Far Harbor)In the power armor repair bay, sporting a unique soda-themed paint job.
33National Park visitor’s center (Far Harbor)Inside the trailer of the truck to the north. This one also has the Vim! paint job, presumably as part of a bizarre promotional campaign.
34World of Refreshment (Nuka-World)Inside a display in the main ride. This suit has a unique Nuka-Cola paint job, if you decide you don’t like Vim!
35Starport Nuka (Nuka-World)Inside the main display, accessible after collecting every Star Core. If you’d rather not do all of that, you can also bring another suit of Power Armor and use the exiting animation to clip through the display and grab the armor pieces without all the busy work.
36Robotics disposal groundIn front of a crashed vertibird.
37Revere satellite arrayIn the dish array furthest to the northeast, up some stairs.
38Atom Cats garageThis one is also marked as owned, so be careful and use the strategy outlined in entry 27!

You’ll need to power that armor (it’s in the name), so your search isn’t done yet! Make sure you find the time to also hunt down the fusion cores tucked away in every corner of the Commonwealth.

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