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An in game image of Power Armor from Fallout 4
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to get Fusion Cores in Fallout 4

The lifeblood of Power Armors: sought by many, acquired by few.

In the desolate wasteland of Fallout 4‘s Commonwealth, Vault Dwellers and scavengers search for the most scarce resource: Fusion Cores. These Fusion Cores are batteries that power up the hulking Power Armor sets, transforming them into an unstoppable force of annhilation.

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Since there’s no way to recharge these Fusion Cores, players must venture out on a search to find them for their Power Armors. Sure, players can spend a chunk of bottlecaps with vendors to easily acquire a few Fusion Cores, but the Commonwealth is a huge wasteland where retailers for this source of energy are hard to find.

That is why we’ve taken the liberty to list down a bunch of locations where players can score some free Fusion Cores in Fallout 4.

All Fusion Core Locations in Fallout 4

LocationHow to getNumber of Fusion Cores
01Milton Paking GarageHead to the fourth floor of the parking space and look towards the metal shelf on the west to find four fusion cores: one on the shelf, one under it, and two next to the Mini Nuke placed on the ground.Four
02The CastleEnter the Castle and defeat Surge to find three Fusion Cores in the lab area.Three
03Four Leaf Fishpacking PlantThree Fusion Cores can be found on the rooftop of the plant. Use the staircase to reach the rooftop and lockpick the door to find the cores.Three
04Greentech GeneticsLockpick the door on the first floor of the building to acquire two Fusion Cores. Another core can be found on the third floor next to the elevator.Three
05Robotics Disposal GroundSelf destruct the Senrty robot by using the terminal in the main bunker. Exploding the robot will get you a Fusion Core. Loot the chest next to the destroyed robot to score another core in Fallout 4.Two
06The Institute Two Fusion Cores can be found in the building, one in the Maintenance room and one in the Old Robotics lab.Two
07Lonely ChapelHead inside the basement of the church and go past the two turrets to find a core inside the tool box. Check the locked room in the eastern section of the basement to locate another core.Two
08National Guard Training YardCheck the locked trunks in the yard to find two cores.Two
09Walden PondUnlock the suitcase placed next to the debris to find two Fusion Cores.Two
10The PrydwenInside the crashed airspace, loot the Power Armor suits to find two cores.Two
11The SwitchboardIn the basement of the Switchboard, one core can be found inside the generator and another behind the master difficulty locked door.Two
12D.B Technical HighscoolInside one of the lockers on the eastern section of the school’s hallway.One
13Arcjet SystemsNext to the elevator on the first floor.One
14Big John’s SalvageA Fusion Core can be found next the toolkit in the main yard.One
15Fallon’s Departmental StoreOn the rooftop next to the generator.One
16Layton’s TowersOne Fusion Core can be spotted next to the debris on the first floor of the building.One
17Massachusetts State HouseFound in the basement, next to the generator.One
18Cambridge Polymer LabsHead inside the director’s room to find one next to the terminalOne
19Old North ChurchFound in the main yard of the Church inside a trunkOne
20Atom Cats GarageInside the garage, next to the trunks.One
21Gunner’s plazaOn the rooftop, next to the terminal.One
22Kendall HospitalIn the basement of the destroyed hospital.One
23Super Duper MartBack of the mart, next to the generator.One
24Museum of FreedomHead inside the security room at the back of the museum on the first floor.One
25Suffolk County Charter SchoolInside the basement of the school.One
26Faneuil HallOn the staircase leading to the rooftop.One
27Red Rocket Truck ShopFound in the cave underneath the mart. The core will be placed in front of a leaking container.One
28Mass Fusion Containment ShedInside the security room on the first floor.One
29Medford Memorial Hospital in the basement of the hospital next to the generator.One
30Beacon Bunker ThetaInside the bunker, next to the generator.One
31Mass Pike InterchangeA Fusion core can be found next to the construction lift’s generator on the elevated highway.One
X-02 Power Armor in Fallout 4
Power Armor suits need power. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Other ways of getting Fusion Cores in Fallout 4

For players who’ve combed every corner of the wasteland or don’t feel like straying too far from their settlements, there are plenty of other ways to get a hold of Fusion Cores in Fallout 4.

One of the ways is to purchase them directly from vendors that specialise is ammunition, such as Alexis Combes in Vault 81. Vendors usually have a stock of around five fully charged Fusion Cores at a time available for sale.

A robot vendor Fallout 4
Only five Fusion Cores available. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Another way of acquiring Fusion Cores is by speaking with the Robert MacCready. Recruit the resillient comapnion and have a polite conversation with him to be rewarded with a few cores.

Aside from speaking with companions or purchasing Fusion Cores from vendors, players can also complete a bunch of side quests that give them access to this scarce resource. For instance, completing the Here Kitty, Kitty quest in Vault 81 earns players one Fusion Core.

Lastly, if all things fail, players can always pickpocket The Brotherhood of Steal members or destroy sentry robots to acquire a few extra Fusion Cores for their Power Armor suits.

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