How to bunny hop in Fall Guys

Up, up and away.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys, the battle royale-like party game, is one of the hottest games of 2020. After its release in August, the game quickly rose in popularity, selling over 7 million copies on Steam and becoming the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time under a month.

The game’s easy to understand core mechanics, and simple to use controls are a massive factor behind its success. Though you can definitely survive with only the basics, Fall Guys also features advanced mechanics that reward the most skillful players when used correctly. In addition to learning everything there is to know about each map in Fall Guys, you can also use bust out certain maneuvers to give yourself an advantage.

Bunny hopping is one of the few movement tricks that you can use to get ahead of the competition. It’s a common mechanic in many esports titles like CS:GO and allows players to abuse the game’s jumping behavior to gain a speed boost. What looked to be a bug at first became a core part of many games alike.

How can you bunny hop in Fall Guys?

Unlike other popular games on the market like CS:GO, and VALORANT, bunny hopping in Fall Guys is relatively easy. You can only bunny hop while running on angled surfaces, meaning it only works on downward and upward ramps.

Once you’re on a sloped surface, you’ll need to smash the jump button, space bar, or the X key if you’re on PlayStation. Doing so will allow your character to perform back-to-back jumps and cancel the landing animation altogether to speed you up. If you start jumping too soon and land on a flat surface before gaining any momentum on a ramp, bunny hopping won’t work, and it’ll actually slow you down.

Make sure that you’re running on a slope before you initiate the bunny mode and be mindful of your surroundings since you can also bunny hop into boulders in certain maps.

This trick’s especially useful in slope-heavy maps like Fall Mountain. A nice speed boost in this crown map can end up being a decisive factor and can also help you rotate faster to dodge the falling boulders.

While this trick will give you head start in specific maps, studying the rest of the map pool can help you take that next level to become a Fall Guys sensation.