Fall Guys has sold 7 million copies on Steam

It's the smash hit of the summer.

Image via Mediatonic

The summer of Fall Guys is continuing in a big way. Devolver Digital revealed today that the cute party game has sold over seven million units on Steam.

Not long after PlayStation revealed that Fall Guys is the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time, the game’s publisher at Devolver updated its sales stats on Steam.

Fall Guys sold two million units in its first week, meaning it’s added an additional five million units in just over two weeks. It’s steadily been one of the most popular games on Steam since it launched on Aug. 4.

The popularity of Fall Guys has been amazing to watch. Being a free game on PlayStation has exposed it to millions of gamers who otherwise might not have played it. But it costs $19.99 on Steam, so the interest is definitely legitimate.

Twitch’s most popular game directories were invaded by Fall Guys, where it’s been consistently one of the most-viewed games on the site over the past few weeks. Top streamers like TimTheTatMan, Shroud, and Lirik have all been playing it a ton.

There’s more to be excited about for Fall Guys fans coming soon, too. Season two of the game will be unveiled tomorrow during gamescom Opening Night Live.