Tips and tricks to winning in Fall Guys

Your one guide to becoming the best jelly bean alive.

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Fall Guys hit the virtual shelves on Steam and PlayStation 4 on Aug. 4, 2020. The game quickly raised the interest of gaming enthusiasts, becoming one of the top categories on Twitch over its first few days.

Though Fall Guys looks simple, all maps feature specific mechanics that players need to master. There are more than 22 maps or levels in Fall Guys. Learning the core mechanics of the game can give you more of a head start rather than concentrating on each map.

The level of competition is always high in Fall Guys, so don’t get discouraged while learning the ropes. You’ll need to go through multiple processes of trial and error to find out what works. Focusing on improving yourself should be your primary goal before becoming a fierce challenger for the Victory Crown.

Here’s everything you need to work on to become the star jelly bean of each lobby you join.

Work on the core mechanics of the game

Most of the time, you’ll find yourself running at full speed while playing Fall Guys. While you’ll be able to make it through the first elimination rounds by just running, you’ll need to bust out more than that to have a chance at survival. Players who become more familiar with the game’s finer moves will have an easier time reaching the final stage.

Use jumping to your advantage

Jumping works just as you’d expect it to in any game that features ragdoll-ish physics. Don’t always jump since you can fall and lose your momentum. You can jump over certain objects on maps, however, which can give you a nice mobility boost.

Some surfaces, mainly the ones that feature pink confetti designs, will allow you to bounce through them. You can use this to your advantage to gain a bird’s eye view in the most crowded rounds. Though going with the crowd isn’t the worst strategy in the game, doing so can slow you down and make you fall.

Jumping from high ground to high ground will also help you avoid challenging obstacles on some maps. But falling during this process can cause you to get run over by the competition.

Learn the art of diving

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Diving is one of the most underrated mechanics in Fall Guys. Most players avoid diving because your jelly bean ends up on its stomach and loses its momentum. But when you dive at the right time, it can be game-changing.

Diving especially comes in handy during team-based modes and tagging games. It can help you make epic saves in Fall Ball or dodge a final attempt at your tail in Tail Tag. Sometimes, a series of well-aimed dives can get you through Lily Leapers.

Only you can pinpoint the perfect opportunities for diving since almost every round of Fall Guys has different circumstances that make it nothing like your last time there.

Grabbing can win you games

While you’ll always find players using the jumping and diving mechanics in a lobby, it’s rarer to find anyone who uses grabbing as a counterplay measure.

Grabbing can save you from falling and prevent players from reaching specific objectives. You can use grabbing to create alternative paths for yourself by grabbing ledges. We recommend using it on team-based maps exclusively since it’s much more useful than tailgating an opponent who’s interacting with an objective.

You can also take advantage of grabbing right after starting a map by quickly grabbing and letting go of other players. This will noticeably slow them down and mess up their jump if you’re getting ready to hop through an obstacle. 

Though this mechanic is responsible for the current skill gap between experienced and new players, it’s only a matter of time before more people learn how to use it. Practice keeping your distance from other players as a countermeasure to grabbing, especially on maps in which you can get pushed to fall or lose an objective.

Don’t be afraid of copying others

You can’t be the best player on all maps, but you’ll need to salvage the most out of bad situations in every round even if it’s your first time in that parkour. Following the lead of other players on a map you’re unfamiliar with is totally acceptable and is also advised.

There’s also a chance you may get baited in the process, but nine times out of 10, you should make it to the next round.

If you notice other players copying you, you can turn it into an advantage and lead them into places or situations that are hard to recover from. In some cases, it may be wise to follow a character, such as in Door Dash in which players have to guess which walls are real or fake. Being first doesn’t matter if you’re suddenly blocked because you chose the wrong wall.

Rushing isn’t always the best course of action

Truth be told, this took us a long time to figure out during our time in Fall Guys. Since the game is almost built upon getting to the finish line faster than others, almost everyone starts rushing to the end without taking a look at the surrounding obstacles.

On certain maps, taking a moment and checking out what the crowd does can give you an idea for a strategy. Sometimes, they can all fall off the map to respawn at the checkpoint and you can suddenly get ahead without going through the same process.

Map-specific tips

If you know the game’s core mechanics and have a decent understanding of all the challenges, it may feel like you’re golden. Like other games, however, each player will have a map that they’ll excel at and others that they hate playing. When this is the case, you’ll have no choice but to improve your game on a map-by-map basis. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of every map and give yourself the highest chance of winning.

Here are some of the most crucial map tips we’ve gathered so far.

Dizzy Heights

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Dizzy Heights is an excellent map for beginners. It features almost all the core obstacles of the game and is easy to follow through.

Never run in the opposite direction of the spinning discs since that will slow you down. Try to go from the right side during the split part since it looks to be much faster than going from the middle. 

Be mindful of the gap between the elevated spinning discs and the final ramp section. The majority of the players forget about the jump and find themselves at the last checkpoint.

Door Dash

Following the crowd is a safe and sound strategy for Door Dash, but it may get stressful when you’re the one leading the whole lobby. It’s almost impossible to tell which doors are fake until the last three rows. If you make it to the final part of the map, you can distinguish the fake doors by paying close attention to the triangle patterns on them.

Focus on the final triangle at the bottom of the doors, the ones with a smaller triangle will be the fake ones. Applying this trick can be difficult considering the map plays out rather fast, but you should get used to it with enough practice. If you’re unsure which door to choose, let someone run ahead and test one out for you.

See Saw

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Any local visitor of their nearby playground as a kid may feel like they have the advantage on the See Saw map, but it’s much more challenging than a real-life seesaw.

One of the main mistakes that players make is jumping to seesaws that are about to hit a 90-degree angle. When a seesaw looks like it’s about to become impossible to stand on, wait for it to return to normal. It may seem like you’re wasting time, but it’ll still be faster than respawning at a checkpoint.  

Pay attention to the empty spaces between each seesaw and try to jump white areas in the middle of each seesaw. 

While you’ll need to actively make it harder for other players to challenge your lead, you may need to collaborate with other jelly beans to get seesaws in a state that you can pass through without falling. This can be difficult when new beans are jumping onto either side, causing it to become more unbalanced. 

Hit Parade

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Hit Parade is another map that you can almost always go through by sticking to the crowd. Going with the flow will allow you to get past the spinning gates much easier.

The hardest part of this map is the wrecking ball section, where you’ll need to watch out for their shadows to pinpoint their locations. Rushing through this section can work once or twice, but it can also be better to stop and wait for a good opportunity.

The Whirlygig

Taking one of the side roads in Whirlygig can be tempting. The obstacles on the sides are noticeably easier to dodge, but you’ll technically increase the distance between you and the finish line.

The spinning fan makes it incredibly hard for players to go through the middle. Run along the edge of the yellow map and perform a jump-dive combo as you reach the top. This will allow you to dodge the spinning fan since you’ll be on the floor and away from its reach. Since the ramp is also a treadmill, you’ll automatically drop to the next platform.

Fruit Chute

Fruit Chute is one of the more straightforward mini-games in Fall Guys. The map features a reverse treadmill. Falling fruit makes it harder for players to make it to the finish line. Though there’s enough space for everyone on the map, going up the middle can lead to a wild banana hitting you in the head and cause you to lose your progress.

Stick to the sides and use the pink triangular bouncy pieces to dodge the falling fruit. Most fruit will land toward the middle of the map, but the triangles will help you avoid the rare side ones without any problems.

Don’t be afraid to make sharp turns to dodge the fruits since getting hit by one will actually set you further back compared to a successful evasive maneuver.

Tip Toe

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This mini-game tests players’ minds and patience. As players start moving around, various tiles will light up and eventually form a safe path. You’ll need to memorize this path to get to the finish line.

There are no easy ways around this map apart from blindly trusting another jelly bean and being tilt-proof. A trick you can try is to get behind another bean that’s near the edge of a tile you want to try. When the moment is right, push them to see if the adjacent tile is something you can walk on.

Tail Tag

Tail Tag can be stressful since you’ll be out of the game if you can’t secure a tail before the timer runs out. Keeping a tail is equally hard and you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings to give yourself the best chance to move on to the next round.

Get a tail first and move toward the bottom part of the gigantic swinging hammer in the middle of the map. Start running under the purple bridges and turn names on to see any approaching players. Players who don’t have names turned on won’t be able to see you while you’re there, lowering your competition significantly.

Slime Climb

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Slime Climb is another self-explanatory map, but taking risks in it can be extremely rewarding. If you know your way around the map, you can try your luck by jumping and grabbing ledges. This will allow you to create shortcuts but can also get you eliminated if you aren’t careful enough.

What’s most important is making sure that you are always aware of the rising slime. It’s OK to make a mistake or two on this map, but taking too long will see you submerged in the goo.

Team rounds

Hoarders, Fall Ball, Egg Scramble, Rock’ n’ Roll, Team Tail Tag, and Jinxed all feature similar characteristics. You’ll need to work as a team and almost all games will feature attackers and defenders.

Though everyone’s keen on being on the front line, not all players want to become a defender. The team without defenders will almost always lose in team rounds, so don’t hesitate to become one. If nobody is willing to defend, step up and become the dedicated defender.


Trying to keep the maximum number of balls on your team’s side looks like the ideal strategy for Hoarders. While someone from your team will need to defend your base, remember that two teams will qualify for the next mini-game. This means that making sure that one of the teams loses by causing them to have the least number of balls is also an equally valid strategy.

Pick one of the teams that’s having a hard time and try your best to leave them with zero balls inside their court. This will guarantee that your team qualifies for the next event since most of the players already focus on defending the base and chasing after air-balls.

Egg Scramble

Like the Hoarders map, the best strategy in Egg Scramble is also making sure that one of the other teams loses. Pick one of the opposing sides and jump into its basket. Pick up that team’s eggs and aim for the middle of higher platforms without getting out of the basket.

While you’re next to the wall, press jump, release the grab button, and dive. The combo may be hard to perform at first, but you should get the hang of it after a couple of tries. The eggs will slowly roll toward the swinging hammers and cause the team you’re targeting to run out of eggs.

Survival and Logic rounds

Survival and logic rounds feature maps that you’ll master over time. All of them focus on testing your agility and memory to the best of their abilities.

A good starting point in these maps tends to be following the crowd. Doing so should give you enough time to figure out what’s going on and develop your own strategies.

Watch out for players trying to grab you and also focus on using the grabbing mechanic to eliminate other players. Don’t attempt this if you don’t know what you’re doing yet, however, since you may outplay yourself in the meantime as well.

Perfect Match

Not every Fall Guys player is blessed with a perfect memory. Perfect Match’s hectic countdowns and the stakes could make it hard to keep every tile in mind.

Though you can always follow the other players if you don’t trust your instincts, you can also use a third-party tool to help you pinpoint some of the fruit. This website allows Fall Guys players to save the tiles they can keep track of. Noting down a couple of fruits should be enough to guide you through once the timer starts counting down.

Final maps

Fall Mountain

Running into the crown on this final map won’t win you the game. We witnessed this repeatedly during our early playtests and it’s heartbreaking to see a player do so well but fail to capture the crown.

You’ll need to grab the crown with the grabbing hotkey. While the default grabbing hotkey is Shift for PC players, you can also use your left click as a more handy alternative.

Jump while leaving the start area since it’s a platform and not jumping will cause your jelly bean to fall. Try favoring the right side of the map since the middle of Fall Mountain is slightly tilted toward the left. Use the diamond to your advantage and avoid getting hit by the falling boulders by hiding around them. Most boulders will hit the middle part of the map first, so sticking to the right side will also allow you to dodge most of them by default.

If the crown is too high for you to grab, start spinning around to keep your momentum. Stopping while waiting for the crown will make jumping harder and someone can snatch it right before your eyes.

Jump Showdown

Being good at Jump Club can help you in its final game version, Jump Showdown, but you may struggle to keep up with the competition without knowing the ins and outs of the map.

Try to stay on the side with more tiles since it’ll be extremely helpful while adjusting your jumps. Standing on the outer edges of the platforms will also grant you more of a jumping area, which can make a big difference when the top and the bottom spinning sticks hit you at the same time.

If you’re on the side with more tiles and notice players from the other part of the course are trying to jump to your side, you can block them by standing at the edge where they can land. This will render their jump or dive useless and allow you to eliminate some of the competition yourself.

Royal Fumble

Royal Fumble is arguably the least-popular final map for most Fall Guys players. The randomness of the map and the lack of a clear strategy turn the mini-game into an RNG fest.

Avoid running after the tail throughout the whole game and don’t attempt to keep the tail on you for more than 10 seconds. Find a decent spot that has a clear view over the map and strategize how you can make your way to the tail as the timer gets close to ticking out.

Come out of hiding about 15 to 20 seconds before the timer runs out and snatch the tail. Run toward an unexpected side of the map and keep your fingers crossed for a victory.


While slowly jumping from tile to tile is a great strategy, one misstep can get you eliminated against a player who busts out the following trick.

One of the best strategies you can try in Hex-A-Gone involves quickly falling to the last blue floor right after the game starts. Stand in the middle of the first floor, and keep on falling until you reach the bottom level. Once you get there, start running in circles, essentially creating a hole in the middle of the floor.

Start on the inside and slowly move toward the sides. You’ll notice people directly falling and being eliminated as they reach your level. Some people will be lucky enough to hold onto the last few tiles, though. If you notice anyone giving you a run for your money, take things slowly and jump from tile to tile. If you calculate your runs correctly, you should have more room for jumping than your rival Fall Guys player.

Each map features elements of luck, but knowing your way around will always give you a better chance of winning than other players.