XQc baits stream snipers to win round in Fall Guys

Always trust your guts.

Screengrab via xQc

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a party game that features battle royale-like characteristics by featuring up to 60 players in every game and having them go through multiple obstacle maps to crown one victor. With maps testing the mind, reflexes, and patience, it’s impossible to guess what Fall Guys will throw at you next, making each round fiercer than the other.

On a particular map today, where players need to stay on certain tiles with the same fruit on them as the screen, xQc bamboozled his stream snipers with an unexpected twist. 

The main challenge in this map is that you need to memorize the fruits on the tiles, and once the game shows you the safe tile, there won’t be any indicators on the floor. 

Viewers were witnessing how fast xQc’s brain was processing all the information being thrown at him. He suddenly switched into full concentration mode when the main screen showed the image of a watermelon.

XQc quickly jumped over to the tile in front of him, and almost 90 percent of the players in the lobby accompanied him. Just when the countdown hit zero: “No, that’s not it,” xQc said and tried to jump over to the rightmost tile.

Within milliseconds, the stream snipers of the lobby realized they were getting baited, and some also desperately tried to follow xQc to the new tile. Though none of them was successful and all the initial “copiers” fell, xQc also successfully reverse baited another player.

One player who had his jelly bean dressed as an astronaut was standing on the right tile during the whole baiting process. For reasons unknown, the player decided to jump onto the tile that xQc was initially standing on when xQc switched, and the timer ran out. The tile disappeared while the player was in the air, and their final look at the correct tile during the fall caused xQc to let out a small chuckle.

Only five other players were able to win the round by resisting xQc’s mind games and a little help from their memory. “You want to copy dude?” xQc said. “You’ll never know.”

With a total of six players, xQc advanced to the final round of the game, capturing the tail mini-game. XQc had a nice run with the tail and even captured it before the end as well but lost it seconds before the timer ran out. Losing despite playing the round “perfectly” upset xQc and he slammed the table once while explaining how he should have won the game.

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