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An image of a character made with a mod from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Image via Bioware and kingslayvr on Nexus Mods.

Best Dragon Age: Inquisition mods, listed

Get the most out of your Dragon Age: Inquisition experience with these mods

Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently free on the Epic Games Store, so many players are jumping into the role-playing fantasy adventure a decade after its initial launch. 

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If you are thinking of grabbing yourself a copy of the game on the PC, you might be wondering what mods are available to enhance your experience. Here is our selection of the best ones, as found on the main page for Dragon Age: Inquisition over on Nexus Mods, where you can find many more ways to tailor your experience. 

Ten of the best Dragon Age: Inquisition mods

1) No War Table Waiting by Tahira

An in game screenshot of the War Table from Dragon Age: Inquisition
The War Table waiting times are enough to make even the most patient player lose their cool. Image via Bioware and Tahira on Nexus Mods.

One of the more irritating features of Dragon Age: Inquisition is the waiting times accompanying each mission on the War Table. Some only take a few minutes, but some can take hours. 

This mod seeks to rid the game of this frustrating mechanic by making War Table missions finish immediately. It also works with the DLC missions.

2) Anti Stutter – High CPU Priority by ChemBoy1

If you constantly experience stuttering and performance issues when playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, this mod is a great workaround. 

It reduces stuttering on CPUs that tend to be weaker, though it’s an effective fix for machines of any level. The great thing about this mod is that you don’t have to worry about changing the FPS for the mod to work: You can fix the stuttering either way.

3) More Banter by Jerrybullet

The banter among your party members is a particularly fun element of all the Dragon Age games, Inquisition included. If you want to hear more interactions between the characters on your team, this mod allows you to do so by triggering dialogue every 15 minutes. 

4) Custom Body Models by Aravasia

An image of the More Banter mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition
More body types mean more diversity, which is always a good thing. Image via Bioware and Aravasia on Nexus Mods.

The lack of diversity for your Inquisitor’s body type can also be a source of frustration in the game. Although each of the races has a different kind of body, you can’t edit their proportions. 

This mod provides a variety of custom body models to fix this, though it only works for male and female Qunari, humans and elves, and female dwarves. It does offer different arm sizes and shapes and different body shapes, however, such as athletic, curvy, slender, or lean. 

5) Quicker Looting by Tahira

This mod fixes a small but annoying issue: When you loot in Inquisition, you’ll have to watch a small animation of your character bending over to pick up their spoils. It only takes a second, but it cgets irritating to watch over and over again.  The Quicker Looting mod completely disables this animation. 

6) No Class Restrictions for Armor by Aintiarna

Next is a mod that makes armor much easier to navigate in Inquisition, as it removes all restrictions for certain classes (though not the level restrictions) and also allows you to craft unrestricted armor. There are only a few specific armor sets that this mod won’t work with—such as the mercenary coat that your Inquisitor starts with—but this is only to avoid conflicts with other mods. 

7) Enhanced Character Creation by kingslarvr

An image of a Dragon Age character made with a mod
More options for creating your characters are always appreciated. Image via Bioware and kingslayvr on Nexus Mods.

If you find the character creator in Inquisition a little bit lackluster, then this is the mod for you. The Enhanced Character Creation mod has an impressive amount of features to allow for more in-depth customization, such as facial feature blending, facial slides, and a range of hairstyles, colors, and access to cut and restricted content, to name just a few. 

8) Increase Inventory Capacity by Ehamloptiran

An image of the Increase Inventory Capacity Dragon Age: Inquisition mod
Serial looters need this mod in their lives. Image via Bioware and Aintiarna on Nexus Mods.

Limited inventory space is the bane of every gamer’s existence, and this becomes even more apparent in role-playing games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition. This mod will increase your starting inventory by a variable amount defined during the merging process. You choose any number up to 32,767, allowing you to pick up as much useless junk as you want. 

9) More Loot by Aintiarna

This next mod works well with the previously mentioned Increased Inventory Capacity mod, as it will increase the drop rate for enemy loot and gold by updating the random loot tables. You’ll also get a higher chance to discover weapons, crafting materials and schematics when you search in loot chests. 

10) SK Hair Pack by Skaramoosh

An image of the SK Hair Pack Dragon Age: Inquisition mod
Who says you can’t look fabulous while saving the world? Image via Bioware and Skaramoosh on Nexus Mods.

This cosmetic mod allows you much greater choice in hairstyles for your Inquisitor. The Dragon Age games have always been a bit limited in this regard, so this is a must if you want to make your character a little more stylish. The mod features new hairstyles for both male and female Inquisitors, and you will be able to use them no matter which race you choose. 

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