Valve announces Dota 2 anime, coming to Netflix on March 25

More details will be released later this week.

Image via Valve

In an announcement that pretty much no one in the Dota 2 community saw coming, Valve has partnered with Netflix for an anime series based in the Dota universe. 

The series, titled DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, will release on March 25, just a few days before the best Dota teams in the world clash at the ONE Esports Singapore Major. 

“We’re excited to announce a brand-new anime series exploring the Dota universe like never before,” Valve said. “As fellow fans of Dota and its passionate global community, we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you when it premieres on Netflix March 25.”

Based on the announcement trailer, the series will follow Davion, the Dragon Knight as he becomes a key player in “events larger than he could have ever imagined.”

You can already hear the echoes as SirActionSlacks yells out about all of the potential lore and other content that might come out of this series. It will also be some of the first real advertisement Valve has done for Dota on a global level, outside of esports, in quite some time, and could draw some much needed eyes to the game itself. 

More details about the series, including who is working on it, new trailers, and other information will be shared int he coming weeks. In the Dota 2 client, Valve actually has a display showing when some of those new details will be made available. 

Following today’s announcement trailer, the teaser trailer for Dragon’s Blood will drop on Feb. 19, with the main trailer following it on March 1 ahead of the series premier on March 25.

Update Feb. 16 8pm CT: Since the initial announcement, it has now been confirmed that Dragon’s Blood is being produced by Ashley Miller, who is best known for his work on Thor and X-Men: First Class.

The series is also being animated by Studio MIR, a South Korean animation studio that worked on The Legend of Korra, Young Justice: Outsiders, and another Netflix original, Voltron: Legendary Defender.