TI8 champion N0tail is working on a Dota 2 tutorial

Could Dota finally be getting a better tutorial?

Photo via Valve

Johan “N0tail” Sunstein was the captain of The International 2018 champions OG squad, and he also might be one of the people to give Dota 2 a comprehensive tutorial.

N0tail posted a photo of himself standing in front of a big wall with a monitor displaying the TI9 logo on his Instagram. In the caption of the image, the Dota veteran said he was working on a Dota tutorial and asked for fans to ask questions.

Dota 2 has lacked a viable tutorial since the game’s inception and the basic one that new players go through at the start is constantly bashed by the community. There are articles, Reddit threads, and videos posted all the time to supplement the lack of an in-depth tutorial.

With N0tail posting that image, this could be a sign that Valve is bringing in some of its most trusted pro players to finally develop a new tutorial.

In all likelihood, this is just N0tail going in and testing content and providing feedback for the upcoming Summer Scrub update that will focus on fixing as many bugs as possible. Valve went out of its way to ask players to go on the hunt for bugs and report as many as possible so they can fix them before TI9.

If he is in fact there working on a new tutorial, though, it will probably be an optional one that players who want to play ranked or improve their overall gameplay can do before starting the climb.

Many of the questions in the comments revolve around how to better play support and ways to improve lane swap timings. A series of high-level tutorials by one of the best players to play the game would be a welcome addition to the current Dota layout.