SabeRLight talks about the importance of lifting the mood and giving Dota 2 fans a good show

Inspiring people to clown around, is just one way to provide entertainment at Dota events outside of the gameplay.

Photo via Beyond the Summit

TSM ended the spring season with a bang, finishing second in the Stockholm MajorDespite their success in the event, TSM failed to qualify for the next Major in Arlington while securing its TI11 invite. Though the TSM squad has been off the road until ESL One Malaysia 2022, SabeRLight has been busy as he was called to stand in for Team Entity in the Arlington Major after Pure’s visa was denied.

In addition to contributing to Team Entity’s success in the Arlington Major, SabeRLight also drew the attention of the fans with his energy and fun personality. His uplifting spirit also fueled the fans’ enjoyment during ESL One Malaysia since every segment featured SabeRLight was golden.

In a recent interview with, SabeRLight went into the details of his latest on-stage adventures and the importance of putting on a good show so the fans can have the best Dota 2 experience possible.

Prior to ESL One Malaysia, SabeRLight had a segment during the Arlington Major where he revealed his TSM jersey while swearing revenge for his fallen NA brethren versus Team Aster. In the interview, SabeRLight explains that the idea just came to him after they won their series, and he figured it would be a fun stunt that could entertain the fans.

When asked whether other professional players should also try to be entertaining on stage, SabeRLight added that it mostly depended on a player’s personality. People could simply do it when they felt like it, and SabeRLight would be proud to inspire them to step out of their comfort zone. The off laner also added that he was slowly getting more comfortable on stage, and he first felt a lot of stage fright which was less of a case now.

TSM is currently qualified for the International 2022, and the team placed seventh-eight in ESL One Malaysia 2022. Despite surviving the group stage, TSM had to bid an early farewell to the tournament after losing in the lower bracket’s first round.