PSG.LGD torpedoes Vici Gaming at WeSave! Charity Play

An explosive show from the underperforming titans.

Photo via Valve

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PSG.LGD crushed Vici Gaming with ease at the WeSave! Charity Play tournament in the finals of the China region. PSG.LGD has been lackluster throughout the season, but it seems like its latest roster change, promoting Chalice to carry and recruiting Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei as its new offlaner, has flipped a switch. 

PSG.LGD let out all their frustrations on VG, dismantling them 3-0 with ease. VG was outdrafted and outclassed through the series, and could not hold a finger to PSG.LGD’s crisp play. Chalice performed his new job well, including a great third game where he was the sole physical carry, but his role was made easy with Somnus and fy’s playmaking abilities.

The two have been the bastions holding up PSG.LGD’s aggressive style since they got together. It was awe-inspiring play after play from the duo, and VG’s cores were unable to secure themselves a good game with so much belligerent interference from Somnus and fy.

PSG.LGD have yet to earn a single Dota Pro Circuit point this season. The team elected to skip the initial Major to take an extended break, and has somehow managed to complete dubious back-to-back elimination in the open qualifiers afterward in spite of their success in previous years. It’s caused them to experiment with roster changes, switching out longtime carry Ame, affectionately known by Chinese fans as A Emperor, with multiple swaps over two months.

Meanwhile, VG has been a contender at every Major of the season. Despite losing their previous captain, Fade, to Aster, they’ve continued their hot form to earn second at the MDL Chengdu Major and third at the DreamLeague Leipzig Major.

While it’s a surprise to see PSG.LGD have such an easy time, it’s promising for fans to see the Chinese titans finally regain their mojo. The LGD organization has been a force in the Chinese scene since Dota had to be booted from Frozen Throne, and their slump has allowed other challengers in China, such as Invictus Gaming, shine. But a team of such caliber returning to form will only make future contests more exciting.

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Unfortunately, this will be the last series of the WeSave! Charity Play for the Chinese teams. Europe and CIS will engage in one last superfinal, PSG.LGD’s fierce form will end for now. But The International 2018 runners-up and 2019 second runners-up just might be gearing up for yet another championship run this year.