Dota 2’s 7.23e update removes all experience talents from the game

Every hero will gain experience at the same rate like old times.

dota 2 7.23d
Image via Valve

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It’s official: experience talents are no more. The latest Dota 2 update 7.23e released today and has addressed the expedited experience gain that came with the Outlanders update.

The 7.23 patch’s introduction of outposts has been the biggest influence of the meta. The neutral objective was simply too valuable to give up, thus directly creating a meta that revolved around constant brawling and fighting. This also directly influenced the reworks of heroes like Drow Ranger and Treant Protector, making them better at fighting and less at split-pushing.

  • Outposts XP is now every 10 minutes instead of every five (XP is 20*Min-50)
  • Removed the two non-Roshan Shrines (initial delay from five to seven minutes, cooldown from five to four)
  • Removed all XP talents

The experience given by outposts has been nerfed for three sub-patches in a row. Patch 7.23e has the biggest nerf so far, changing it to provide experience every 10 minutes instead of five. Furthermore, all experience talents in the game have been replaced, which will certainly ruin experience-hungry heroes like Techies and Weaver. The two shrines on the right side of the map have also been removed.

All these changes seem to be a response to the insanely fast-paced meta that’s developed as a result of outposts. Low cooldown heroes that can fight constantly have shot to the top of both pick and win rates. Dota 2 became a checklist of objectives that every player needs to follow or risk losing the game. The changes should encourage a little more variety in picks and allow massive teamfight heroes like Enigma to see the light of day again.

Additionally, a few top-tier heroes received nerfs to their kit. Drow Ranger, Ursa, Snapfire, Treant Protector, and Void Spirit couldn’t escape IceFrog’s eyes any longer. These heroes have dominated pubs across all skill levels and have earned a reputation as some of the most powerful picks in Immortal-level games.