Biggest winners and losers from Dota 2 gameplay update 7.32

Some heroes were on IceFrog's good side, while others... not so much.

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Dota 2 fans have been swimming in a sea of the unknown since the Arlington Major. With the last DPC event out of the way before The International 2022, players were ready for the next patch and the battle pass.

Though patch 7.32 didn’t bring the battle pass, it came bearing gifts in the form of huge balance changes. Heroes that were on top of the tier lists were heavily nerfed, while there were item changes significant enough to impact the meta.

In addition to balance change to heroes and items, the map and the XP system were also reshaped before the TI11 qualifiers. Considering the state of the meta before the patch, some heroes were hit by the nerf hammer harder than others. While the top of the food chain might have had it rough, the developers buffed a decent number of heroes to allow them to break into the meta leading to the International 2022.

Winners of Dota 2 Patch 7.32


Morphling in Dota 2.
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Morphling has been away from the spotlight since The International 2021. The hero just couldn’t find himself a spot in the zoo meta as Morphling prefers biding his time to farm his essential items.

With the early game conditions getting rougher, Morphling struggled to survive. But his troubles may be behind him now; Morphling’s Aghanim’s Shard buff was reworked and now allows him to use Attribute Shift while stunned while increasing his bonus stat by six. He’ll also be shifting stats faster in the early levels.

Morphling’s Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade Morph was buffed as well. Considering his main buffs still require Morphling to purchase two items, he’ll still need his team to stall the game.

If Morphling finds a way to excel into the mid game, however, he can be a force to be reckoned with in the late game.

  • Attribute Shift
    • Reworked Shard. Now causes Attribute Shift to work while stunned and increases bonus stat by six
    • Stat shift per second rescaled from three/6/12/24 to five/10/15/20 seconds
    • Mana Cost per second rescaled from 10 to five/10/15/20 seconds
  • Morph
    • Scepter Stolen Status Resistance increased from 35 percent to 40 percent
    • Scepter Stolen Attack Speed increased from 50 percent to 70 percent
    • Scepter Stolen Spell Damage Amplification increased from 20 percent to 25 percent


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Clockwerk received one of the more exciting changes in patch 7.32. With a reworked Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade, Overclocking, Clockwerk has a newfound potential.

Overclocking buffs Clockwerk’s existing abilities in different ways by supercharging them. 

  • Overclocking
    • Reworked Scepter. No longer refreshes all of Clockwerk’s abilities on cast and neither grants bonus Movement and Attack Speed. While Overclocking is active, all of Clockwerk’s abilities are supercharged: 
    • Battery Assault damages and stuns all enemies within its radius. 
    • Power Cogs increase Clockwerk’s Attack Speed by 250 while Clockwerk is inside. 
    • Rocket Flare has its cooldown decreased to 3s and shoots 2 additional flares to either side of the target area. 
    • Increases Hookshot stun radius and duration by 50 percent.
    •  When Overclocking expires, Clockwerk is stunned for three seconds. Buff Duration: 13 seconds. Cooldown: 50 seconds.
    • Talent change: Level 10 Talent +60 Power Cogs Mana Burn replaced with -2s Power Cogs Cooldown

Losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.32


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Marci probably lost the most from her kit amongst the tier one Dota 2 heroes. Mirana’s side kick traded the stun on Dispose with a slow and now has a much weaker Unleash.

Unleash’s Pulse won’t be slowing down enemies anymore, and the spell no longer applies a dispel. This means that it will be easier to get away from Marci while it’ll be harder for Marci to get out of tough situations. Most of Marci’s key talents were also nerfed, sending the hero to the unknown in the new meta.

  • Dispose
    • Now slows for 20/30/40/50 percent for three seconds instead of stunning
    • Throw Distance decreased from 300 to 275
  • Rebound
    • Now stuns enemies in final area for 0.9/1.3/1.7/2.1 seconds
    • Ally Movement Speed decreased from 45 percent to 25/30/35/40 percent
    • Landing Damage decreased from 90/160/230/300 to 75/150/225/300
    • Landing effect radius decreased from 375 to 250
  • Unleash
    • Pulse no longer slows enemies
    • Each strike now slows movement speed of the target by 30 percent for two seconds
    • Each strike now slows base attack speed of the target by 60/80/100 for two seconds
    • No longer applies a dispel on Marci
    • Scepter now also applies a Dispel on Marci when cast
    • Scepter cooldown reduction increased from 10 to 20 seconds
  • Talent changes
    • Level 10 Talent +2 Mana Regen replaced with +60 Dispose Damage
    • Level 10 Talent +5 Armor replaced with +125 Rebound Cast/Jump Range
    • Level 15 Talent +200 Rebound Cast/Jump Range replaced with minus three seconds Rebound Cooldown
    • Level 15 Talent +0.5s Dispose Stun Duration replaced with +15 percent Sidekick Lifesteal
    • Level 20 Talent +30 Movement Speed replaced with +15 percent Unleash Movement Speed
    • Level 20 Talent +25 percent Sidekick Lifesteal replaced with +0.7 seconds Rebound Stun Duration


Image via Valve

Viper might be out of his newly found home in the offlane. The infamous mid lane hero had found himself a new place in the offlane and he was wreaking havoc on safe lane carries for the last couple of months.

The changes to Viper’s Poison Attack and Nethertoxin will weaken Viper’s laning stage and the rework to his Aghanim’s Scepter buffs can reduce his effectiveness during mid/late game.

  • Poison Attack
    • Mana Cost increased from 18/20/22/24 to 24
  • Nethertoxin
    • Duration decreased from 8s to 6.5/seven/7.5/eight seconds 
  • Corrosive Skin
    • Scepter now doubles damage and slows for enemies within 500 distance from Viper. Additionally allows Corrosive Skin to deal the first instance of damage the moment debuff is applied
  • Nosedive
    • Reworked Scepter. Grants Nosedive. Viper slams into the ground, disarming enemies in a 500 radius for 4 seconds and splattering everyone in a 1200 area of effect with the effect of Corrosive Skin. Cooldown: 20s. Cast range: 300. Travel Speed: 500. Mana Cost: 75 Cast point: 0.3 seconds
  • Talent changes:
    • Level 10 Talent +20 Attack Speed replaced with + five percent Poison Attack Magic Resistance Reduction
    • Level 15 Talent +300 Health replaced with +12 percent Corrosive Skin Magic Resistance Bonus
    • Level 20 Talent + eight percent Poison Attack Magic Resistance Reduction replaced with + 25 percent Poison Attack Damage/Slow
    • Level 25 Talent 2x Corrosive Skin Slow/Attack replaced with -50% Viper Strike Cooldown/Mana Cost

Players looking to check out the full patch notes for Dota 2 gameplay update and find out the current status of their favorite hero can do so here.


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