How to level up crafted weapons quickly in Destiny 2

Aim for the big guy!

Image via Bungie

With the arrival of the new weapon crafting system in Destiny 2 via the launch of The Witch Queen expansion comes the ability to level up said crafted weapons.

Any weapons you shape come with a weapon level that begins at one. At increased levels, you can take your shaped weapons back to the Relic at the Enclave on Throne World and reshape them with Enhanced Traits and higher quality Intrinsic Traits, at the cost of Resonant Materials.

Here’s how you can raise those weapon levels quickly.

How to level up crafted weapons quickly in Destiny 2

Defeating enemies and completing activities will rapidly increase the levels of crafted weapons. While completing activities itself doesn’t reward weapon level experience, activities are your most fruitful sources of large quantities of enemies in addition to stronger enemies that reward more experience when defeated.

Strikes, Wellspring activities, Psi Ops Battlegrounds, Heroic Public Events, campaign missions, and Lost Sectors of all difficulties provide the most amount of weapon experience. Big bosses at the end of these events will provide experience jumps of around 20% and should be a high priority.

A “weapon level up notification” will pop up on the right side of your screen when you reach a new level.

It’s important to remember you will lose all level progress if you dismantle the weapon you crafted. If the crafted weapon’s Light level is a little too low, spend an Upgrade Module or wait to find a dropped version of the weapon to upgrade it.