How to switch crafted weapon perks in Destiny 2

Switch it up!

Image via Bungie

The new weapon crafting system in Destiny 2 has given its players complete control over what perks, traits, and attachments they can equip to their weapons.

At the Relic located in the Enclave on Throne World, players will be able to shape weapons using up 29 unlockable Patterns, with a plethora of choices when it comes to different perks. Over time, players will unlock new perks for their already existing weapons, including enhanced ones after leveling up their crafted weapons.

To take advantage of the customization options, including the enhanced perks, you’ll need to learn how to switch out the perks on your crafted weapons in Destiny 2.

How to switch crafted weapon perks in Destiny 2

Take your crafted weapon back to the Relic; it must be in your inventory but not actively equipped. Select it from the list of weapons and then take a look at all the different perks. Certain perks require the weapon to be leveled up to a certain point.

Before you switch out your perks, you’ll need the materials necessary to do so. Each attachment has a different material cost.

  • Barrel (Haft for Glaive): 75 Neutral Element
  • Magazine: 75 Neutral Element
  • Trait: 300 Neutral Element
  • Enhanced Trait: 2000 Neutral Element, 70 specific Legendary Element, 1 Ascendant Alloy.

The specific Legendary Element depends on which Enhanced Trait you’re selecting. Adroit, Energetic, Ruinous, and Mutable Elements are all acquired by attuning weapons with Deepsight Resonance.

If you have the materials, select your desired perks and hold down the Shape button. You can also reset your weapon on this screen.