How to get Patterns for weapon crafting in Destiny 2

Shape your arsenal.

Image via Bungie

A crafting system in any game is defined by the recipes you use to make things. In Destiny 2, the new weapon crafting mechanic introduced in The Witch Queen makes use of Patterns, which learned recipes that let you create customized versions of all kinds of weapons with different traits, attachments, and cosmetics.

Patterns require a collection of new materials that have been added to the game, ones that are acquired from Deepsight Resonance weapons and various activities. But of course, those materials are nothing with the Patterns themselves.

How to find and acquire Patterns for weapon crafting in Destiny 2

Guardians primarily can acquire Patterns for weapons that have the Deepsight Resonance trait. Getting kills and completing activities with weapons that have this trait attunes the weapon. When the Deepsight Resonance weapon is fully attuned, players can extract weapon crafting materials (just once per weapon) and also the Pattern for said weapon. Head to the Relic on Throne World to view all the patterns you’ve unlocked.

Image via Bungie

A few Patterns are also unlocked by completing the campaign and other missions. The first Pattern you unlock this way is for The Enigma, the first Glaive weapon you receive that also introduces you to the weapon crafting system. The Exotic Glaive that is specific to each class is also unlocked by completing the Exotic quest, “The Evidence Board.”

There’s a variety of different Patterns to unlock for Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy weapons, including special weapons like Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Glaives. According to the Relic, there are 29 Patterns to learn, including four Exotics (the three class-specific Glaives, plus the Osteo Striga SMG available after completing the campaign).