How to get the Palmyra-B rocket launcher in Destiny 2

You'll be drowning in them in no time.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2 has had its share of Legendary rocket launchers, but few have a perk pool as good as Palmyra-B. It has access to some of the established meta perks for its class across both perk columns, meaning when you get a roll of it, odds are it won’t be dismantled straight away.

As some extra spice, the Palmyra-B is a craftable rocket launcher, and players can eventually shape their own copy of it by unlocking its Pattern. Leveling a crafted version of it means players can choose between top-performing perks and parts and change them at will—if they have the materials for it, that is.

In addition to having an extraordinary perk pool and being craftable, one of the biggest allures of the Palmyra-B is how easy it is to obtain. The Palmyra-B is a world drop, meaning players can obtain it from any source that would drop Legendary Engrams. This includes rank-up rewards with Banshee-44, decoded Umbral Engrams with Master Rahool, and any other source that can yield purple drops. Playlist activities can also be a good way to obtain Palmyra-B rolls, especially with the matching Prosperity mod on your Ghost.

To craft the Palmyra-B, you need to complete Shaping: Resonant Alloys and unlock its Pattern. After that, you’re free to make a copy of it for yourself. If you want to farm it for Deepsight Resonance or don’t want to level it up, though, odds are you’ll be swimming in them in no time.