How to get the Osmiomancy Gloves in Destiny 2

An extra frosty touch to add to your arsenal.

Image via Bungie

The Osmiomancy Gloves are one of the many new exotics introduced with Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. This pair of Exotic gauntlets for the Warlock are designed to further enhance your Stasis-wielding experience, infusing Coldsnap Grenades with enhancements like rapid cooldown regeneration on impact while also giving the player an entire second charge to play with.

Void 3.0 might be the talk of the town in Season of the Risen, but Stasis paired with the right Fragments and build is still deadly in endgame content. The Osmiomancy Gloves are there to refine the crowd-control capabilities of the subclass with a never-ending stream of empowered Coldsnap’s for any Warlock to enjoy.

There are two methods for acquiring the Osmiomancy Gloves Warlock Exotic in Destiny 2. You can either complete The Witch Queen’s Legend-difficulty campaign and select it as a reward from Ikora or you can complete Lost Sectors solo on Legend and Master difficulties.

After completing The Witch Queen’s campaign on Legend difficulty, talking to Ikora at The Enclave will present players with a choice between two of the new Exotic armor pieces based on which class they completed the campaign on. After completing it on Warlock, you can choose between the Osmiomancy Gloves or Secant Filaments. This is an easy way to acquire the Exotic gauntlets early into your time with the new expansion, but the armor’s statistics are often very low.

To farm potentially better rolls of Osmiomancy Gloves, completing Lost Sectors solo on Legend or Master difficulty is your best strategy. This can also be another route of acquiring them if the Legend campaign isn’t your speed, or you opt to take the Secant Filaments Exotic leg armor from Ikora’s offerings. Once you have completed a Lost Sector normally, you will be able to see when a higher difficulty version of it is available on a patrol destination’s map.

Screengrab via Bungie

Each day after reset, a new Lost Sector rotates in and each has its fair share of Champions, increased enemy density and modifiers to overcome. Complete it solo and you will have a chance at earning an Exotic, with a weighting that leans toward yet-to-be earned Exotics from the Lost Sector’s refined loot pool. If the highlighted rewards include Exotic Gauntlets, Osmiomancy Gloves will be up for grabs when completing the Lost Sector on Warlock. It might take a few runs, but you will eventually be able to acquire the Osmiomancy Gloves.