Destiny 2’s latest trailer for The Witch Queen debuts at The Game Awards

Savathûn's Knights apparently have a terrifying new power.

Image via Bungie

Guardians normally know what they’re dealing with when they walk into a place infested by the Hive, but Savathûn apparently has more terrifying tricks up her sleeve than any hero expected.

The latest trailer for The Witch Queen, the next Destiny 2 expansion that will release on Feb. 22, 2022, features a guardian telling her harrowing experience on Mars to Ikora Rey and Hive expert Eris Morn.

The guardian and her fireteam boarded the ship of Savathûn, a powerful and perpetual antagonist of the Lightbearers, expecting to surprise the ancient witch. What they found was a trap set for them by Savathûn that included more than just the standard waves of bug-like enemies.

As the fireteam takes down a Knight, an entity resembling that of a guardian’s Ghost revives the beast and he springs back into battle with a version of a Titan’s Super. “It refused to die,” Eris Morn whispers, as the guardian emphasizes that what she saw was a version of the Light.

The Lucent Hive will feature heavily in The Witch Queen expansion, as will some of the abilities and weapons shown in the trailer. We got a small look at the “Void 3.0” rework that Bungie has teased in developer updates as well as a look at the glaive, a new melee weapon that will introduce weapon crafting to the Destiny 2 universe.

Weapons that debuted this week as a part of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary celebration were also unsubtly highlighted in the trailer, with Halo crossovers Forerunner and BxR-55 Battler making appearances.

Much of what was shown in the trailer has been teased or outright revealed by Bungie in the past, but this sneak peek pushed the narrative of guardians facing an enemy that resembles them far more than they’d like.