Virtus Pro reach the ELEAGUE semifinals after incredible comeback against North

The legendary Polish squad keeps its major dreams alive.

Photo via Turner Sports

After staging an incredible comeback on the deciding map of the series, one of the tournament favorites is a step closer to hoisting the ELEAGUE Major trophy.

Virtus Pro successfully dispatched North after what can only be considered one of the closest series of the ELEAGUE Major.

The series started out with Virtus Pro humiliating North on Overpass, as the Danes were only able to claim four rounds in total. Virtus Pro, who exited the group stage with a flawless 3-0 record, won a total of 14 rounds before North responded, at which point it was far too late for the Danish squad to stage a comeback.

To say that things looked dire for North would be an understatement, as one of its star players in Rene “cajunb” Borg went more than ten rounds without scoring a single kill. But the semifinal took a drastic turn on the second map Cache, as North got off to a comfortable lead during the first half. Virtus Pro came close to stage a comeback, however, and reached 12 rounds before North were finally able to close the Poles out, and forced the series to deciding map Cobblestone.

North seemed to have forgotten the result of the first map, and acquired an absurd 12-3 lead after the first half. But just as things looked done and dusted, the veterans in Virtus Pro rallied back on the second half, and began eroding the massive lead North had built for itself. Suddenly Virtus Pro had tied up with North, as Jarosaw “pashaBiceps” Jarzbkowski lead the charge for his team time and time again. Despite the monster effort of Emil “Magisk” Reif, who scored an absurd 37 kills throughout the map, North were unable to stop “the plow” in the end, and after a miraculous comeback Virtus Pro secured its place in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Major.

The ELEAGUE Major will resume on Jan. 28 at 10:00 EST with the final quarterfinal match, SK Gaming against FaZe Clan.