The luckiest CS:GO shot ever just happened using one Scout bullet

Wow, just wow.

Image via Valve

Some CS:GO plays are so impressive they become newsworthy, like the recent sniper shot pulled off by a player named yandis.

Yandis eliminated four undamaged enemies with a single Scout (SSG 08) shot, which pierced the heads of all four enemies in the casual mode. Shots like these don’t happen too often in CS:GO, to say the least.

In the play, yandis was the first to rush toward long on Dust II in the second round of a casual game. Long doors are usually a spot heavily contested, with snipers from both T and CT sides fighting over them to gain control early. Well, we think it’s safe to say no one cleared it as efficiently as yandis, who opened the round with these four incredible kills.

Naturally, such a shot would be much tougher to land in a competitive mode. First, four CT players would have to stack the same position, which rarely happens besides in eco rounds. Secondly, in competitive players wouldn’t be able to go through each other, like they do in casual mode.

Still, this shot is nothing short of incredible, and as players on Reddit admitted, it reminds us of the fun we can have when not trying our best to climb the ladder. “I love playing casual for exactly those moments. Competitive is fun but nothing beats the wonderful chaos that casual can be,” one player wrote, and we couldn’t agree more.

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With Counter-Strike 2 releasing sometime this Summer, which is just a few weeks away, we are nothing but excited about its premiere. With all the new mechanics, updated maps, and so on, the number of unbelievable plays in CS2 should be enormous.

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