FACEIT introduces new tool to combat CS:GO smurfing, but players aren’t happy about it

It's not yet official, but already controversial.

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FACEIT recently introduced a new verification mechanic to combat smurfs in CS:GO, though players aren’t best pleased with the new feature.

Players will soon have the option to verify their FACEIT accounts by submitting ID documents to a third-party vendor, according to FACEIT’s privacy policy on their website. The goal of this move is to “fight unfair practices, such as smurfing or the use of multiple accounts.” Players on Reddit aren’t buying it, however.

One FACEIT user shared the news on CS:GO’s subreddit on April 24, and sparked a discussion about whether it’s trustworthy and useful or not. Many of the top comments are stating they wouldn’t be using it anyway since it doesn’t look safe.

“Definitely not giving access to my computer or ID to a Saudi Arabia-owned company,” reads one of them. “It looks like they’re intentionally making it annoying to retract that data by having to email them and dick around with support instead of pressing a button. Hard pass,” another added.

Furthermore, some pointed out it would be helpful and fair if FACEIT reveal how they are specifically handling such delicate data since otherwise there’s no way they would trust them with it.

On top of that, FACEIT added it’s possible to withdraw the data anytime, however, this would also mean the player’s FACEIT account will be deleted as well as a result. This caused an even bigger outrage and distrust towards the move.

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The addition of this verification process hasn’t been officially announced yet, though, it looks like FACEIT is preparing for it, and it’s just a matter of time.

Either way, looking at the reactions from the CS:GO community, it’s likely this move won’t be met with excitement.


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