CS:GO streamer bunnyhops his way to incredible 1-vs-4 clutch

He's done it again.

Image via Valve

CS:GO is a perfect game to pull off fantastic clutches and plays, however, they are even more impressive if you bunnyhop your way into them, like one North American streamer did recently.

A Twitch streamer named Trucklover86 delivered once again, this time creating an outstanding one-versus-four play on Vertigo during his game on April 25, which was captured by another streamer and pro player, Austin ‘Cooper’ Abadir.

In the play, Trucklover86 eliminated his first enemy with a quick Desert Eagle shot, before bunnyhopping his way to another position at the A site on the map. While we know he’s capable of pulling off amazing shots with the pistol, he wisely picked up an AK-47 on the way, which was pivotal to his success a few seconds later.

With the rifle, Trucklover86 landed another perfect headshot on the enemy at the sandbags position, before spraying the two remaining ones on the site. And to say he knows how to control AK-47’s spray is not enough since it quickly and smoothly resulted in two other kills, closing the one-vs-four clutch in a stunning fashion.

While the recent play is impressive, it’s not something out of the ordinary coming from the streamer. On April 13, he pulled off an even better one-versus-five play on Anubis, landing only one-taps when left all by himself.

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Back then, Trucklover86 called it the best ace of 2023, and even Valve developers agreed, claiming “it just might be,” via the official Counter-Strike account on Twitter.

With such a clutch record in April, we’re more than excited about what he can deliver in the coming months, let alone in Counter-Strike 2 if his form transitions into the game.


Mateusz Miter
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