12 November 2017 - 18:02

A new CS:GO documentary outlines Shox's rise to the top

The hour-long video pays homage to G2 Esports' in-game leader.
Photo via DreamHack

A new documentary on the career of G2 Esports' Richard "Shox" Papillon was recently made, and it has the potential to be an instant classic.

VaKarM, a French CS:GO media website, compiled a comprehensive history of Shox's seven-year career into a one-hour video documentary. From his humble beginnings in Parisian internet cafes to his contract signings with iconic organizations, Shox's career is depicted as one full of maturation, resilience, and pride.

The short film also features many important figures in Shox's rise to prominence, such as his father, his former VeryGames teammate Sébastien "krL" Pérez, and his best friend Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux. They complemented Shox's interview with VaKarM, detailing different perspectives of significant events in his career as a well-rounded star from France.

Although the documentary is entirely in French, English subtitles are provided to ensure that no Counter-Strike fanatic is in the dark about his illustrious time as a player.

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