PGL will implement new map veto changes at upcoming Krakow Major

The changes come less than a week before the Major.

Image via Valve

PGL, the tournament organizer hosting the upcoming Valve Major in Krakow, Poland, will add a brand-new map veto system for best-of-one group stage Swiss matches.

These changes for the tournament, which runs July 16 to July 23, include big alterations to the number, the order, and the option of map bans. Team A, the higher seeded team, will be given two consecutive bans before Team B selects three consecutive bans. Team A then chooses which map to play from the two remaining maps, thus giving higher seeded teams an advantageous playing field. Thankfully for Team B, they’re able to select if they start on Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist side.

The map veto is drastically different from the ELEAGUE Major, which involved five alternating bans until the map is randomly chosen from the two remaining.

This means that Legends, or playoff teams from the ELEAGUE Major in January, will be given map choice in the first round of the Swiss Format. Teams compete against other teams with similar records until they reach either three wins or three losses in the Swiss Format.

The playoff veto process, however, is the same as before. Teams alternate initial two bans before picking two maps, then they alternate two more bans before Team A selects the decider. The biggest difference is that the team with the better Swiss record will decide who among them starts the veto process in the quarterfinals.

The 16 teams at the Krakow Major may have to do some spontaneous experimenting with the new map veto system as the event is quickly approaching.