lurppis podcasts on gambling, statistics and more

Listen in as our writer lurppis talks to lawyer Bryce "esportslaw" Blum and's Petar "Tgwri1s" Milovanovic about the gambling scandal, statistics, player scouting and more.

The first two episodes of my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive podcast are out, and I wanted to take the time to share them on GAMURS so those interested know where to find them going forward.

My plan is to do these on roughly a weekly basis, and to release them on at least my SoundCloud account, as well as on iTunes — where the podcast has been submitted, and is currently awaiting approval. Once there, I will update this article with the correct link. 

July 20, 2016: Episode 1 – Bryce “esportslaw” Blum

I spoke to Bryce Blum, also known as esportslaw on Twitter, for 47 minutes about gambling/betting in CS:GO with specific focus on case opening, Valve’s cease and desist letter, match fixing and the future of gambling/betting.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Bryce Blum’s article on ESPN
Bryce Blum’s article on Daily Dot
Bryce Blum’s reddit AMA

0:00:29 Who is Bryce Blum?
0:01:50 Is case opening gambling?
0:05:21 Case opening as a precedent for gambling
0:08:50 Valve’s potential future liabilities
0:10:45 Valve’s cease and desist letter
0:14:35 The future of betting sites
0:20:35 Could Valve run gambling for CS:GO?
0:23:13 Why gambling will never be as convenient again
0:28:02 Esports should not blindly follow the major sports
0:31:22 Uncertainty and betting’s impact on viewership and investors
0:37:16 iBUYPOWER’s match fixing bans
0:42:20 Probabilities on further match fixing since iBUYPOWER
0:44:04 Surprised of the pure gambling site scandals?

July 23, 2016: Episode 2 – Petar “Tgwri1s” Milovanovic

I spoke to my former colleague at, Petar “Tgwri1s” Milovanovic, with focus on topics such as seeding, coaching, player development, statistics and mousesports’ improvement. You can find Tgwri1s’s tweet about seeding here.

0:00:10 Issues with seeding and potential fixes
0:13:10 Coaching and its future
0:22:40 Scouting new players
0:29:23 Age’s effect on players and careers
0:44:26 Importance of statistics and their interpretation
0:50:40 Why the eye test never works with large samples
1:02:16 Discussion about rating 2.0 on
1:07:18 Statistics’ correlation with roster changes
1:16:06 mousesports’ development and kassad’s contribution
1:22:53 Best example of statistics predicting a future superstar
1:23:40 How to look into great statistics of a lower-tier player
1:26:03 More talk on how to scout properly

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Photo credits: DreamHack, Gamespot