CS:GO sets record peak player count of over 900,000 players

The war between CT and T is far from over.

Image via Valve

People just can’t get enough of CS:GO. The eight-year-old first-person shooter continues to set records—this time for its 24-hour peak player count, which hit over 901,000 players.

CS:GO‘s first massive spike of players came when the game went free-to-play in December 2018, which increased the average player count by about 200,000 players.

The introduction of Operation Shattered Web in November injected new life into the game again. The release of the operation has seen the peak player and average player counts climb steadily month to month.

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Screengrab via SteamCharts

The surprise release of the operation coupled with the free-to-play nature of the game made it easier for new players to jump in whenever they liked. Initially made free as a response to dwindling player counts, CS:GO flew to new heights that even Valve couldn’t have expected, even consistently beating out their in-house rival Dota 2.

The previous record was 874,875 in April 2016. The time period coincided with the MLG Columbus Major which saw Luminosity defeat Natus Vincere to secure the championship.

Now, the next bar for the classic FPS to hit would be the million-player mark. This year might be the biggest one yet for CS:GO.