Fantasy platform Vulcun expands to Counter-Strike

Fantasy betting platform Vulcun has expanded again, this time to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Image via Valve

Fantasy betting platform Vulcun has expanded again, this time to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The organization made waves earlier this year when it expanded a guaranteed $250,000 prize pool for users betting on League of Legends matches to $1 million. The number rose even further one week ago, when Vulcun guaranteed $4 million would be offered during 2015.

The latest increase in prize offerings came along with a move into Dota 2, another of the world’s biggest competitive gaming titles. With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive growing each month and passing milestones like surpassing one million concurrent viewers for ESL Katowice—just a year after the same tournament was watched by 250,000—the move into the popular first-person shooter is a logical next step.

Vulcun will specifically be partnering with Faceit, the esports league organizer that recently increased prize pools for its latest season of Counter-Strike to $275,000 split across European, North American, and Oceanic regions.

Fantasy players will specifically be allowed to bet on competitions in Faceit’s European and North American divisions, by far the two most popular and competitive regions.

The announcement speaks to the growth of both Vulcun and Faceit. Vulcun has been able to guarantee dramatically increased prizes as droves of new users have contributed to the service’s betting pools, a trend likely to continue as Vulcun boasts bigger numbers and extends its reach across the world’s most popular games.

Faceit’s growth is just as easy to see, as its spring competition in 2014 boasted a prize pool of just $20,000—a far cry from the $275,000 being offered by the esports organization.