Top U.K. Counter-Strike veterans return with new team

Some of the most respected U

Some of the most respected U.K. Counter-Strike players are creating a new team they hope can challenge the best in Europe.

Formed from the ashes of former FM Toxic line-ups, the team also adds some returning veterans who have been out of the game for a while.

The new teams captain will be the U.K.’s most successful Counter-Strike player, Sam “RattlesnK” Gawn. A former member of the Team Dignitas 1.6 team that at one time the best in the U.K., he was later picked up by the Championship Gaming Series, where he played for the Birmingham Salvo franchise that went on to win the second season’s world finals. As a member of Mousesports, he was the mastermind responsible for driving the team to victory for the last major Counter-Strike: Source LAN event, 2012’s Copenhagen Games.

Joining Gawn is another CS:S veteran, George “hudzG” Hoskins. Considered one of the U.K.’s most versatile players, he made his competitive LAN debut at Multiplay’s 2006 i30 event playing for a Zboard line-up that would finish third, the highest ranking for a U.K. team at the event. Throughout his career, Hoskins was one of the most highly sought after-talents. He played for London Mint in the CGS and became a star player for German organisation mTw, where he was one of the cornerstones of its international CS:S team.

After living in self-imposed exile for nearly two years so he could focus on studies, Dan “Re1ease” Mullan is returning to competitive Counter-Strike as another member of the new team. Mullan burst onto the scene at Multiplay’s i33 event as part of a team called Core89, where he single-handedly put on an aiming master class against London Mint.

After that he was picked up by Fragmasters Toxic who would then go on to finish a respectable fourth at the following I-series. At the time a poster-boy for self improvement and working the way up the ranks, he went on to be considered one of the best aimers in the U.K. He went out at the top of his game in CS:S, winning 2012’s Copenhagen Games with Gawn.

These three players were also the core of the U.K. team that won the ESL Nations Cup in 2010, overcoming a Danish team that was captained by the current Team Dignitas leader Henrik “FeTiSh” Christensen.

Augmenting their talents will be Brandon “weber” Weber, who despite not having the same amount of experience as his colleagues was considered the breakout player of his generation when arrived on the scene in 2010. Although synonymous with FM esports and Rasta Gaming teams, Weber also represented Team Dignitas and mTw in his time at the top.

Completing the line-up will be the AWPer Luke “fearLess” Morris. A player that has been under-appreciated both in terms of opportunities in the UK and abroad, Morris spent the bulk of his career as part of community sides such as Good Looking Gamers. Having stepped up in CS:GO he’s now considered one of the best snipers in the U.K., having helped propel Team Infused to a second place finish at Insomnia 47.

“We’ve decided to come together and form a team comprising of the best the U.K. has to offer at this current time,” Weber told the Daily Dot. “We plan to keep our heads down and practice hard to show that the U.K. does have something to offer to the CS:GO scene.”

The line-up have applied for this year’s UK ESWC spot and are also currently seeking an organization. “The Lone Rangers,” as they currently call themselves, said they’re open to approaches from anyone, and can be reached here.

Screengrab via EsportsHeaven