A Skill Group sticker capsule is now available for purchase in CS:GO

Be proud of your rank.

Screengrab via 3kilksphilip

A brand-new set of cosmetic stickers can now be purchased in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The capsule, called Skill Groups, contains 18 stickers that can show your current rank on your gun. As usual, there are three sticker types, including Paper, Holo, and Foil, with many of the stickers having multiple iterations.

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The stickers in the Skill Group capsule contain one sticker for each of the nine major classifications—Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class, and The Global Elite.

The Silver sticker is the most special out of the group, because when you scrape either the Paper or Foil versions, it’ll reveal a hidden message. The message on the Paper Silver sticker says, “sorry about the aim,” while the Foil iteration says, “straight into Silver.” To get these messages for yourself, scrape the sticker about five or six times.

You can get your very own Skill Group capsule on the Steam community market, where they’re being sold for a little over $2. Then you can open it and see whether the sticker you get is worth reselling for a profit. Otherwise, you can slap that sticker onto a weapon of your choice and show off your true rank. But be careful about using a sticker that isn’t your true rank, because people will see right through it if you miss a few shots.