The Mysterious Tale of EON Interactive in COD

There is very little information available in the public domain that can decipher what exactly Eon Interactive was, and what happened to it - which makes it so intriguing yet suspicious.

In several articles on, an agency called “EonInteractive” gave quick interest to esports and the Call ofDuty scene in particular in 2012, but quickly fell under thesurface.

Eon Interactive was supposedlyfounded by Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, owner and CEO of OpTicGaming, and Michael “Hastr0” Rufail, Owner and ManagingDirector of Team EnVyUs. Under the premise of being an advertisingagency, Eon was meant to be representative of both talent andbranding.

Big-name CEOs like DalePetroskey and Dante Simpson apparently also worked with Eon. Withsuch a reputable team, the aforementioned organization worked incollaboration with “clients” such as Activision, GammaLabs, Astro Gaming and Gunnar Optiks, and other personalities suchas Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, Trevor “TmarTn”Martin and Tucker “Jericho” Boner. 

Although such a talent pool ofnames apparently worked together to “emerge” esports as”one of the major televised sports,” it has yet to be determinedwhether or not they’ve accomplished anything substantial tocontribute to the esports industry. If it’s true thatthey’ve impacted any esport at all, their unsung humility isadmirable.

The question remains: whathappened to Eon Interactive and why hasn’t there been muchtalk about an agency meant to facilitate the propulsion of esportsinto a reputation as “one of the major U.S.Sports”?

There is very little informationavailable in the public domain that can decipher what exactly EonInteractive was, and what happened to it – which makes it sointriguing yet suspicious.

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