OpTic Gaming and Splyce among casualties on day 2 of 2018 CWL Championship

What a difference a year makes.

Photo via MLG

Just over one year ago, OpTic Gaming won the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship. Today, OpTic were officially eliminated from the 2018 event with a top 24 finish.

After Elevate somewhat surprisingly defeated Evil Geniuses early Thursday, many thought EG would be the team left out of Pool H’s top two—not OpTic Gaming. A day ago, OpTic looked rather strong in their four-game showdown with Elevate. But today was much different for the Green Wall.

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Despite a commanding 3-0 victory over Supremacy, OpTic still needed either a Supremacy win, to force a game five against EG, or simply a win over Evil Geniuses in the final match of the day to secure a spot in the 16-team championship bracket. Unfortunately, Patrick “ACHES” Price was back to ruin the day for OpTic.

Like a heavyweight boxer, EG knocked the defending champs down and down again. The final blow was a 2-1 Ardennes Forest Capture the Flag game that went the way of Evil Geniuses, sealing the EG sweep.

The loss put OpTic in a very dangerous situation, but their tournament hopes were still technically live. Unfortunately for OpTic fans, it was only a few minutes later that Elevate swept Supremacy to officially send OpTic out.

The top 24 placing is one of the worst in OpTic Gaming history, and the same can be said for European team Splyce, who also failed to make it out of the group stage.

Once touted as the best team in all of Europe, Splyce’s final defeat was at the hands of eUnited, who needed the win themselves to move on to bracket play.

Here are the final pool play standings at the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship (each team’s series record is followed by their map count in parentheses).

Pool A

  1. Lightning Pandas: 3-0 (9-4)
  2. Team Kaliber: 2-1 (8-6)
  3. Heretics: 1-2 (7-7)
  4. Epsilon: 0-3 (2-9)

Pool B

  1. Rise Nation: 3-0 (9-3)
  2. Lethal Gaming: 2-1 (8-7)
  3. BRASH Esports: 1-2 (5-8)
  4. Tainted Minds: 0-3 (5-9)

Pool C

  1. Red Reserve: 3-0 (9-3)
  2. Ghost Gaming: 2-1 (7-5)
  3. Mindfreak: 1-2 (6-6)
  4. Zone: 0-3 (1-9)

Pool D

  1. Team Sween: 3-0 (9-3)
  2. eUnited: 2-1 (8-4)
  3. Splyce: 1-2 (5-6)
  4. EZG Esports: 0-3 (0-9)

Pool E

  1. FaZe Clan: 3-0 (9-3)
  2. compLexity: 2-1 (7-5)
  3. Enigma6: 1-2 (5-6)
  4. Morituri Esports: 0-3 (2-9)

Pool F

  1. UNILAD: 3-0 (9-0)
  2. Team Envy: 2-1 (6-3)
  3. Mentality Esports: 1-2 (3-7)
  4. Team Prismatic: 0-3 (1-9)

Pool G

  1. Luminosity: 3-0 (9-0)
  2. Team Vitality: 2-1 (6-4)
  3. Echo Fox: 1-2 (4-6)
  4. HavoK Esports: 0-3 (0-9)

Pool H

  1. Evil Geniuses: 2-1 (7-4)
  2. Elevate: 2-1 (7-4)
  3. OpTic Gaming: 2-1 (6-4)
  4. Supremacy: 0-3 (1-9)

The 16-team championship bracket’s structure was set based off of the teams’ placings within their respective pools. For example, the top team in Pool A will play the second-placed squad in Pool B, while the second team in Pool A matches up with Pool B’s top squad.

Like the past two days, Friday’s action will begin at 11am CT. Some matches that many fans will be looking forward to include Rise Nation vs. Team Kaliber, as well as Red Reserve vs. eUnited.