MW2’s latest bundle is a $24 celebration of pot-smokin’ for the 420 holiday

It's lit.

Where we droppin’, boys? Hold up, let me hit this bong-like assault rifle real quick.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has been blessed and blazed with a new $24 cosmetic bundle in celebration of 4/20 (that’s April 20 for our European friends), and it’s absolutely over-the-top ridiculous.

Screengrab via Activision

Tracer Pack: Dr. Kushlov is available now for 2,400 CoD Points, and it’s packed like a bowl full to the brim with weed-related content, the highlight of which is the Dr. Kushlov skin for Gromsko.

In the skin, the operator Gromsko is kitted out in a glowing green gas mask that’s attached directly to a bong. He periodically rips the bong and smoke billows out from his mouthpiece and head, announcing to the whole lobby that you are getting absolutely lit, man.

But that’s just the start of these kushy shenanigans. The Vaporizer blueprint for the Kastov 762 is actually gorgeous on its own, but it comes with Tracer and death effects that will turn your enemy into a puff of weed smoke with each kill.

Similarly, the Dank Hit blueprint for the KV Broadside has the same effect, along with some tongue-in-cheek weed references like “High Caliber” emblazoned on the gun along with marijuana leaves everywhere.

Screengrab via Activision

The bundle also includes the “Bong Rip” finishing move, where the player will smash a bong on the ground to confuse their enemy and then slam them on the floor, a weed-leaf-designed helicopter skin, a bong weapon charm, a loading screen, 420 weapon sticker, and an emblem.

For about $24, it’s honestly not a bad deal for the loudest enjoyers of loud among us. Every single friend group has one, so you could even consider gifting your highest friend with some CoD Points for this special bundle on their most smoke-filled day of the year.

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