How to watch KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday for June 10

It's back.

Image via Activision

After a three-week hiatus, KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday tournament is finally back with $20,000 on the line for some of the best Call of Duty battle royale slayers in the game.

Vikkstar and WarsZ will be looking to win an incredible fourth week in a row after taking home the title in weeks six, seven, and eight. The duo seems to be unstoppable, but the field is stacked with many powerful teams.

In this week’s tournament, two teams of two will form a four-player squad and play through games of Warzone to see who can score the most kills. Teams then advance in the bracket to play against other duos.

Some of this week’s participants include:

  • Aydan and Mutex
  • Tourva and Censor
  • Bobbypoff and Tommey
  • Symfuhny and HusKerrs
  • Vikkstar123 and WarsZ
  • Trainwrecks and Felo
  • NICKMERCS and Swagg
  • DougisRaw and TeePee
  • IcemanIsaac and Wuskin
  • Speros and Dwarf_Mamba
  • FaZe Testyment and Avxry
  • Calfreezy and Zerker
  • KingRichard and Jukeyz

How to watch Warzone Wednesday

You can find most of the streams for Warzone Wednesday in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Twitch directory. Some players will also be streaming on YouTube, so that directory will have a few competitors too.

There’s also a main stream on KEEMSTAR’s Twitch channel that will cover all of the games as a hub of sorts, complete with commentary.

Warzone Wednesday starts today at 3pm CT. The bracket can be found here.