How to unlock the Cronen Mini Red Dot in the Modern Warfare 2 beta

It's one of the best reticles on offer.

Image via Activision

The system for unlocking weapons and attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is cumbersome and very confusing to most.

MW2’s system of unlocking weapons and attachments is called platforms. Several weapons reside in each platform, and unlocking every attachment requires using every gun, as does unlocking each gun within the platform.

It can be daunting at first to try to figure out how to unlock things in the game. But once you take a deep dive and begin to understand how it works, it can be fun to use the different weapons and experience all that MW2 has to offer.

Here’s how to unlock the best red dot sight in the MW2 beta.

How to unlock the Cronen Mini Red Dot in MW2

Screengrab via Activision

To unlock the Cronen Mini Red Dot sight, you need to level up a few different guns before it’s even accessible in the new, confusing, and very convoluted weapon platform system that MW2 has.

For example, to unlock the Cronen Red Dot Sight for the M4 platform, you need to rank up the M4 to level 13 until you unlock the receiver for the FTAC Recon battle rifle. You must then level up the FTAC Recon until level 16, which unlocks the FSS Hurricane SMG’s receiver.

Once you have the FSS Hurricane, you can then level that weapon up. At level three, the Cronen Mini Red Dot is unlocked for all weapons in the M4 weapon platform. It’s confusing and probably very unnecessary, but that’s how things work for the time being.

To unlock the same sight for other weapons, you must follow the same ideology for each weapon platform, like Lachmann Meer. To see each weapon’s platform, select it to head into its Armory page, use L1 and R1 to tab over to Progression, and read the progress tree to find what attachment you’re looking for.

Many players hope the UI for the weapon platform system sees some improvements in the future.