How to play Scream Deathmatch Game Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Don't miss out on this fun experience.

Image via Activision

The Haunting seasonal event has returned to Call of Duty, and fans can enjoy a significant amount of spooky content just in time for Halloween. Two iconic horror icons, Ghostface and Frank The Rabbit, are joining the battle, and fans can enjoy several limited-time game modes. One of these modes, Scream Deathmatch, puts two players behind the mask as they hunt the rest of the lobby. 

Scream Deathmatch is simple and is similar to the Infected game mode. At the beginning of the match, two players become Ghostface and must hunt and kill the survivors. The survivors have no weapons, meaning hiding is the best option. However, the survivors will scream throughout the game, helping the killers find their prey. The two Ghostface players must kill the entire lobby to win, while at least one survivor must make it to the end for their team to win. 

Call of Duty players can also enjoy Infected and Prop Hunt Halloween for a limited time. Infected turns one team into Zombies that must infect the rest of the players to win the game. Prop Hunt Halloween delivers the classic Prop Hunt experience, but this time players will hide as Halloween themed items like black cats and skeletons. 

Scream Deathmatch will be available to play in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer mode on Oct. 19. Players that want to take the role of Ghostface should act fast as the game mode is only around for the Halloween season.