How long is the Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign?

It's a fun Friday night activity.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard invites players on a journey in a World War II setting with a thrilling story. The high-quality cutscenes take up over an hour of the complete campaign experience, making the game feel like a Hollywood production at times.

Considering the cinematics alone can last over an hour, players may wonder how long it’d take to complete the campaign. Depending on the difficulty of your choice and your pace, it should take around five or six hours to complete Vanguard’s campaign mode, keeping it in line with recent iterations of the franchise.

When players load into the Campaign mode, they’ll find themselves as a part of Task Force One, a special forces squad with an objective to stop a Nazi project. This project is called Project Phoenix and is led by none other than Oberst-Gruppenführer Hermann Wenzel Freisinger, the story’s main villain.

While progressing through the story, you’ll find yourself on beautifully designed battlefields and learn more about each task force member and how the team became a unit. Regardless of your difficulty setting, the campaign mode is fun in its own right, and it’s also a good way to practice. The story mode will allow players to experiment with all the new weapons and get used to the game’s environment and functioning before jumping into other game modes.